The Legend of LV-624

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The Legend of LV-624

Post by danmax67 » 30 Oct 2016, 21:34

10:38 PM
The man strolled down the hall,and as per usual,children ran around. He waited for a guard to come running down the hall,telling them off. Of course,it wasn't his business to do so. He continued walking,and suddenly,screaming. He ran down the hall,his footsteps being absorbed by the mass running,fear and confusion filling the air. He made it to the command center,and let out a scream. His friend,Doctor Breen,had some kind of strange beast attached to his face. His wife screaming,shrieking,and crying. Although,her voice could barely be understood by her cries. Colonial Marshals were quick to the scene,as they escorted Breen to medical. A woman walked over,a nametag on her chest, "Oh my god,Breen's fucking dead!" And with that single yell,people burst. Running around,the CMB struggled to get them under control.

2:00 PM
John had trouble sleeping,paranoia filling him. He'd often look to the vents,light tubes,walls,and even his own toilet,in fear that he'd find one of those monsters within. He was a lonely man,unlike most of the colony that had already produced almost twelve children per family. The colony was bustling,with a massive mine based economy. The mines across the river,they'd kept them rich. Breen had been sent there,from what John could gather,to help some injured miners. Unfortunately,they haven't been able to get anything out of Breen's wife,and Breen appears to be unconscious,possibly dead by now. He turned onto his side,as walking was heard from outside of his room. "Ah jeez,looks like a nightwalker." He thought,and although many,if not all,on that colony would be asleep,it's no surprise to him that there were sleep walkers. The walking continued,slowly. Until,it wasn't walking. Running was heard,along with the clank clank of something pounding against the metallic floor. John slowly pulled off his blanket,moving towards the peephole. He raised the cover,and looked through. He stopped moving,stopped breathing. He stared at some kind of monster,eating a man in a lab coat. Breen appeared to be dead,very,very dead. A bloody hole had appeared in his chest,providing a clear end to the man. He heard something move,but it wasn't the monster. He turned around,and saw nothing but the dark. He breathed as silently as a man who'd witnessed a murder could. And suddenly,gunfire. The lights all activated,turning red. As a clear,female voice spoke, "A threat has been located within the colony,please stay calm and alert the local Colonial Marshals. The dorm was often silent,as he let out a single scream.

4:00 PM
The Colonial Marshals had locked down the Nexus,and welded many of the vents closed. They'd barricaded the others. John breathed heavily,Breen's wife crying. An explosion was heard in the distance,from down the Southern hall. A group of three in the back were using this time of danger to play Dungeons and Dragons,and at this moment John wanted to join. He thought to himself, "The explosion was the generators malfunctioning." And he repeated this thought,as he walked through the dark towards the three men. As he arrived,however,he tapped on one's shoulder. The man did not respond. He walked around,looking the man in the face. One of those things was on him. John screamed yet again,as a beast was seen charging down the halls. It turned to the men's dormitory,as it began prying open the doors. At that moment,the clear female voice spoke out again, "Weyland-Yutani has been alerted of this trouble,thank you for your patience." As suddenly,a massive beast was seen charging down the halls. It was glorious,the biggest of them all. Acid flew,as John grabbed the revolver of a dead Colonial Marshal,raised it to his mouth,and pulled the trigger. His head shot in the opposite direction,as the body fell limp.

2 Weeks Later
"Alright men,we've got a distress signal from LV-624,probably going out to wipe their asses. I,for one,say we assign the USS Sulaco to this chickenshit job,maybe it'll give those marines some experience. Or maybe they'll end up disappointing us as usual. My god,what i'd give to send that whole ship into the sun."

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Re: The Legend of LV-624

Post by Recounted » 13 Nov 2016, 23:49

not bad
kiss the six

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Re: The Legend of LV-624

Post by DeadLantern » 14 Nov 2016, 07:48


You space after commas!
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Re: The Legend of LV-624

Post by Breen » 12 Nov 2017, 06:22

0_0 Welp guess I was on quite the adventure.

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Re: The Legend of LV-624

Post by Mister Jeether » 20 Nov 2017, 08:25


A Fine story.
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