When Command hears the Alamo coming, they be like...

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When Command hears the Alamo coming, they be like...

Post by Alky » 16 Jan 2018, 15:29

Hey there!

So I decided to write this noting the reactions of what command should, could, or would do in the event of the take off the Alamo or Normandy, though let's face it not many people take the Normandy unless it was alien meta (or if the aliens sucked really badly and failed their first attack making it rely on normandy.). So from my experience as the SO (Ritona Sterling), I put things into several categories...
  • Normal Command
    I'm considering this command normal to me as I see it the right way of how command should react in the event of the Alamo being taken. The Command that initiates a Code BLUE/RED due the belief that it could've been possible sabotage from either us or someone on groundside and marines are sent for a debrief and possible RnR or aid in MP.
    In the event, when ARES notifies the command, they would set priority in defending a location on the Almayer as a general retreat while marines are ordered to find and eliminate the boarders before they grow throughout the ship.
  • Panicked Command
    The types of command who just sends marines to someplace trying to find reason as they avoid the meta of knowing about the alamo boarding, this leading to heading for ceremonial to help CIC, briefing to help medbay or REQ, and engineering though people hardly call engineering to head to SD.
    In the event of this, the command attempts to have marines go to SD or die attacking the alamo.
  • Confused Command
    The type of command that allows marines to do fuck all and basically everyone has free reign.
    In the event of the calling of Alamo, they're usually saying to go to SD/Medbay/Briefing
  • Risky Command
    Those commands that want to stay alive, so they just send everyone to defend the CIC or prepare for boarding action before anything.
    In the event of the Alamo, everyone is to only care about the Command Staff and the escape pods.
  • Carson Command
    The command that kind of does nothing at all, they just shout at marines to do what they are doing and they just leave the marines to do whatever they want.
    In the event of the Alamo, most likely any person-billcarson-will be in a escape pod and is leaving.
  • Event Command
    Usually command shifts their orders around depending on event, whenever there are SCP, most of the command staff have already given up on controlling ground ops and are already suited up and letting research do a menial task. In a zombie event, command staff may already have a bad situation and are busy defending the CIC as zombies knock on their door, or when CLF or UPP come around, they usually send marines to fight while trying to negotiate a treaty.
    In the event of any Alamo boarding, the crew would have most likely been preoccupied with something on the ship and basically have already sent marines to secure the hangar, briefing, or CIC, with the occasional SD attempts.
This is really how I see command whenever the alamo goes off to do its usual thing of bringing really really unneeded presents, I wonder if anyone sees command as I do.

Am I accurate for most?

What commanders fit into this role?

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Re: When Command hears the Alamo coming, they be like...

Post by Kerek » 16 Jan 2018, 16:17

What about the Horace command? :p
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Re: When Command hears the Alamo coming, they be like...

Post by BladeBr » 17 Jan 2018, 06:55

You forgot the Crowmel command:
All salty marines join Xeno and get to 45-60 aliens and they ALL metarush CIC to get the command while the one in charge hide in disposals watching his crew getting slaughtered.

Then evacuate like a man.
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Re: When Command hears the Alamo coming, they be like...

Post by Bojangles » 17 Jan 2018, 08:18

Last few rounds I've played have been super unfortunate with the hijacks. I remember one where command was confused, marines decided to fortify medbay, and the shuttle crashed right on top of the main medbay concourse. RIP 10+ ungas.
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