README - Applying for the Commander Whitelist

Competent leaders only.
Forum rules
  • Applications that do not follow the application guidelines will be automatically denied, which also invokes the aforementioned wait period before reapplying.
  • Head Staff reserve the right to deny any application if we feel an applicant has had too many bans, negative notes, or other problems to deserve being whitelisted.
  • Give feedback in the form of a +1, Neutral, or -1. Make sure you include your reason for the rating. Just giving single posts with a + or - and no reasoning will result in your post being discarded.
  • Do not shitpost or meme in commander Applications. You will lose your whitelist or ability to be whitelisted.
  • Advertising applications on the forum, in game, or discord is not allowed. Begging for +1/-1 will result in bans
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README - Applying for the Commander Whitelist

Post by Rahlzel » 10 Dec 2016, 23:17

The Commander role will be locked to most users and only accessible to players accepted by this application process. To be whitelisted is to be trusted that you have authority over the entire marine team and ship crew, and you are intimately educated with said authority. The purpose of the Commander is to instill a sense of purpose, organization, and focus with his or her subordinates. To have a Commander wake from cryo-sleep is to have hope of being freed from chaos or stagnation.

The Commander is a roleplay role similar to other whitelisted roles. He or she is expected to uphold a higher degree of roleplay than is typically familiar to the average player. However, it has very little to do with how successful they are at winning a round. A Commander might do everything right and still lose the game. Commanders are not robusting round-winners. They do the best they can with what they have by utilizing leadership, tactics, and of course, roleplay.

There are explicit rules regarding a Commander's conduct which are officially stated in the Server Rules, Job-Specific Rules section. These rules, along with the Roleplay Guidelines, must be followed or the player risks losing their whitelisted status. There are exceptions, however. Due to the trusted nature of the role, good conduct and exceptional roleplay could lead to an order from Central Command that allows the Commander to bend or even break a rule in some cases.

In addition, the following requirements apply to all Commander applicants:
  • The applicant's forum account must be at least 14 days old.
  • The applicant must not have been banned for 3 days or more over the last 30 days.
  • The applicant can not have any active jobbans for Marine/Crew roles. Xeno/Antag jobbans are ignored. Furthermore, there must be no Marine/Crew jobbans on the applicant's record in the last 30 days.
  • The applicant must not have had any white-list application denied in the last 30 days.
  • An applicant can only edit their application post freely for 1 hour before it becomes locked to editing.
In order to submit an application, you must do the following:
  • Post a new topic in this forum and fill out the supplied template in the body of the post.
Applications that do not follow the above format will be automatically denied.

Good luck!