Why does one Application take longer than others???

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  • Give feedback in the form of a +1, Neutral, or -1. Make sure you include your reason for the rating. Just giving single posts with a + or - and no reasoning will result in your post being discarded.
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Why does one Application take longer than others???

Post by apophis775 » 18 Dec 2016, 13:41

This is just a quick topic to clarify some things.

Firstly, Commander whitelist is most likely the easier to get approved. Basically, I look for a few things:

1. Well thought our replies - the more replies the better. More replies give me more information for making the judgement. +1 or -1 and a simple reason are the minimum and helpful, but more detailed reasons or examples helps people get approved
2. Attention to detail - A well thought out application that follows the forum rules and template will go a lot better for you.
3. How known the character is - If you are a well known player, you're application will probably go much faster than people not as known. This is because characters who are known for positive reasons are usually going to do better controlling the marines since they are known. It will also be less of a headache for staff.
4. Time - Applications will usually be given a few weeks, but if I see a load of +1 or -1 replies very quickly, I'll usually make an early decision to help you rework for next time, or because you're known and trusted.

Now, I have a few other conditions I'm not making public so they can't be influenced, but following those above will usually result in a faster processing.
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