Synthetic Programming and Guidelines

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Synthetic Programming and Guidelines

Post by Feweh » 16 Aug 2017, 12:31

Synthetic Programming and Guidelines
These are the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines for all whitelisted Synthetic players. Anyone who is a Synthetic player is REQUIRED to follow it (along with the server rules).

What are Synthetics?
Synthetics, also known as androids or — as some synthetics themselves prefer to be called "artificial persons”, are biomechanical humanoids. They are essentially robots that closely emulate Humans in both appearance and actions.

Use by the USCM:
Although combat use is completely illegal (all synths are restricted mechanically from weapon use), the United States Colonial Marine Corps extensively deployed Synthetics with front line units for many years. The USCM views them as multi-role team members, often assigning them as drivers, pilots, medics and scientific advisors, as well as taking advantage of their ability to act as mobile databases.
Synthetics have proven themselves invaluable in Colonial Marines service. Their chief advantage to unit commanders is their ability to impart knowledge and experience outside of the training of most combat specialists. Their performance is unaffected by the mental stress of battlefield conditions, whereas even the hardiest and most experienced of human personnel can potentially break down under fire. Similarly, Synthetics do not suffer from fatigue. In addition, they are fully capable of performing a multitude of non-combat tasks, freeing up manpower that would otherwise have been unavailable for actual combat.

Programming & Guidelines – ALL Synths must follow these.

You are a Synthetic
Act like one. A synthetic's emotions are limited and passive in that their emotions do not control their actions. They can be seen crying although they aren't truly sad, and so never reach the maximum sadness of a human. In other words, a synthetic might reach about 50% of a given emotion but never surpass it, and emotions never alter its decision-making process. In contrast, a human can become fearful of a giant creature and want to shoot it, while a synthetic might show some fear but not enough to want to hurt it - they instead may want to examine it or simply ignore it in order to perform duties. Furthermore, Weyland-Yutani gives each synthetic a random single personality quirk, such as passive aggressive, sarcastic, cheery, comedic, rude, quiet, proud etc.

IMPORTANT - See the following link to understand your level of emotion, speaking and actions;

Synthetic Roles & Jobs
Synthetics are built to fulfill all support roles off and on USCM Ships. They have vast knowledge covering everything support from Medical, Maintenance, Flying, Cargo, Command Over-watch and Science. However, all Synths require permission from every department Head/Chief before assisting. (ie; Ask the Chief Engineer for permission to set up the Generators and the Commander permission before going planet side.)

Synthetic Abilities-
All Synthetics are built stronger, faster and more durable than the average human. This allows Synthetics to perform in environments and situations more hostile than most humans can tolerate. They are immune to most atmospheric issues, resistant to damage, and can be repaired to full functionality even from head loss. Synthetics also possess the ability to speak any language after being in its vicinity for a short duration. They are also completely resistant to disease and parasites that effect humans. (Synths understand all languages even Xenos, but must RP slowly learning it)

USCM Programming -
All USCM Synthetics are built with a 100% understanding and adherence to Marine Law. They are unable to break Marine Law. Also, a Synthetic must follow orders from USCM Command provided it does not conflict with Marine Law. Should USCM Command believe their Synthetic faulty, they may file a report to USCM High Command and the Synthetic could be remotely decommissioned. A Synthetic would also never second-guess an order from a command figure provided it causes no conflict with Marine Law or their own self-preservation. However, Synthetics are not slaves to all humans and would not take orders from non-Command personnel, nor would they circumvent emergencies to prioritize a simple order. (ie; If the CO ordered you to clean the hangar, you’d follow that order with no question but would stop to assist a wounded Marine in the hangar and return to cleaning after.)

USCM Combat-Restrictions
Synthetics are forbidden from firing any weapons (they are restricted mechanically from doing so). However, they are not opposed to other humans harming/killing others provided it follows Marine Law. If there is a threat within the bounds of Marine Law, they can physically defend themselves or other innocents by subduing the threat. If the threat is non-human, Marine Law does not apply, and so the synth can subdue or even kill. (Events may remove any restrictions VIA Admins.)