Moving all suggestions and bugs to Gitlab!

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Moving all suggestions and bugs to Gitlab!

Post by Rahlzel » 28 Sep 2017, 20:15

We have too many areas for posting issues - the Bugs forum, the Suggestions forum, and three different Trellos (public, Staff only, and Dev only). In order to vastly simplify our lives with better search, more organization, and instant integration with our repository, we've decided to move everything to our home on Gitlab.

  • A single, unified area for all feedback, bugs, and suggestions.
  • Users can :thumbup: thumbsup or :thumbdown: thumbsdown anything, which also allows us to see the most popular issues that players want the most, which then allows us to more easily decide what to develop!
  • Much better search capability for finding relevant issues or to help prevent duplicates.
  • Integration with our private codebase that allows us to interact with (close, reference, etc) any issue while filling out a commit message. ("Did stuff. Fixes #123" - this closes issue #123 instantly) This equates to being much easier for devs to manage issues and suggestions.
  • Organization - Labels can be used to further improve search parameters and keep things tidy - "Bug", "Suggestion", "Top Priority", etc.
Cons: Also note:
  • Thanks to TopHatPenguin, TheMaskedMan2, Snypehunter007, Nescau, and others, over 500 bugs and suggestions (such as Confirmed Bugs and Accepted Suggestions) have already been moved to Gitlab. Users who have submitted bugs/suggestions that have not been moved yet are encouraged to move them to Gitlab (search for them first!) - we'll try to help with this in the interim while we get everything switched over. The transition will be a little rocky but not impossible, and the result will be worth it.
  • The existing Bugs and Suggestions forums will be moved to the Legacy section of our website for viewing by anyone, but will be locked to new topics and replies.
  • All in-game and wiki links to the Bugs and Suggestions forums will be updated to point to Gitlab (assuming I can find them all - I might need a hand with this if I miss any).
  • We also welcome anyone wanting to help with informing us that issues can be closed due to being fixed or irrelevant. There's very few of us compared to the thousands of potential helping hands in the community. Even a simple "This can be closed, I noticed it was fixed" message will go a long way.

Check out our Gitlab project here!

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Re: Moving all suggestions and bugs to Gitlab!

Post by misto » 29 Sep 2017, 10:46

ive had a look and it seems alright, but a lot of the suggestions had received constructive feedback in threads here that seems to have gone unrecorded in this new zone. an unfortunate loss
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Re: Moving all suggestions and bugs to Gitlab!

Post by KingKire » 03 Oct 2017, 12:23

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Gitlab does indeed have a commenting fuction, so thats nice. I guess i just need to dig a little deeper.

Also, it'd be nice to tag suggestions so that way its easy for people to filter through all pages quickly and efficiently.
I think thats a pretty key way to stay organized on the myriad of issues. It seems that Gitlab does have a label/tagging system, so i think it would be great to have a few
Key categories that everyone agrees upon, and specialized tags for those categories.



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