Ban appeal phrasing.

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Ban appeal phrasing.

Post by Kavrick » 23 Jul 2017, 16:04

Summary (a quick, 2-3 sentence summary): So there's a question in ban appeals that goes "What servers do you play on" and then "Are you banned on any of these". The problem that crops up with this, is that servers that people are perma banned on, people wont be playing on, so on several occasions i've seen people not include perma bans because they no longer play on the server, and perma bans are pretty important in ban appeals, so i think it should be changed to "What servers have you played on" to stop this from happening.

Benefits (How this will benefit the server and game as a whole): Better clarification in ban appeals and stops certain people from weaseling out of admitting they're permad

Details (Description of how you think this would work, the benefits, etc): As above.

Implementation (Optional, if you have an idea how to implement it): Would just be changing the ban appeal template.
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Re: Ban appeal phrasing.

Post by TehSpoderman » 23 Jul 2017, 16:06

Yes please! +1

Also, sidenote, saying you didnt put the server you got permabanned because "I dont play on the server so I didnt put it" isnt an excuse. Of course, you dont play on the server. You are permabanned.

Sorry, had to get that outta my chest....
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Re: Ban appeal phrasing.

Post by SagaSword » 23 Jul 2017, 17:00

+1, honesty is the best way to forgiveness.
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