Xeno Battlescars.

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Xeno Battlescars.

Post by Ranged66 » 25 Jul 2017, 07:37

Summary (a quick, 2-3 sentence summary):

Note: Just a flavor/immersion addition, low priority.
This might help to give some prestige to the good xeno players, and perhaps something to instill fear into the marines.
There'd be two types of battlescars; damage taken and damage received.

Benefits (How this will benefit the server and game as a whole):

~Immersion~, flavor, and the xeno equivalent of being covered in green/red blood like some marines are at the end of combat.

Details (Description of how you think this would work, the benefits, etc):

Let's take a fresh Hunter as baseline. When you examine him it would just say something along the lines of "This alien has a clean carapace and looks like it hasn't seen much combat" <placeholder, I'm sure you can do better.

When it starts getting shot, stabbed and exploded a few times, maybe calculated by total damage taken, it will get details added to its examine-text like "This alien has a few healed scars here and there" after taking some damage, "This alien shows clear signs of combat, scars cover parts of its body" after taking one or two times its max HP value, and finally "This dangerous alien is covered in scars and healed cuts, but still fights on! A true survivor..."

The same could be done by taking track of total damage dished out to marines. Examine additions like "This alien is covered in red blood and gore! It must have slaughtered a dozen marines!" would really add to the awesome-ness a dangerous ancient hunter deserves.
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Re: Xeno Battlescars.

Post by Liptick » 25 Jul 2017, 07:46

Alternatively you could just make it possible for the sprites to get bloody.