UPP Combat Boots (Low Priority)

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UPP Combat Boots (Low Priority)

Post by Mister Jeether » 25 Jul 2017, 16:50

Summary (a quick, 2-3 sentence summary): The fact the UPP wears MARINE boots is a little strange (Why are you wearing the boots of your enemy), Devs could potentially, swap it for the wild SWAT boots, make their own UPP boots our maybe even a pair of armored jackboots.

Benefits (How this will benefit the server and game as a whole): As stated above, the fact UPP soldiers spawn with marine boots, wich they CAN'T slide their knife down it, doesn't really make sense at all, at least, make the Marine boots able to hold the UPP combat knifes.

Details (Description of how you think this would work, the benefits, etc): UPP Combat Boots/SWAT boots/Armored jackboots could be swaped in UPP ERTs.

Implementation (Optional, if you have an idea how to implement it): Make the own UPP boots that can hold their knifes on.
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Re: UPP Combat Boots (Low Priority)

Post by apophis775 » 25 Jul 2017, 16:53

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