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Suggestion guide:

Unlocked topics, are for discussion.
Locked topics, have been denied
Sticky topics, have been accepted.

Any topics, that are denied, will be moved to the archive after a short period of time. If you can't find your topic, check here: viewforum.php?f=86 .

Also, if I reply asking if something is still relevent, and it goes unresponded for 2 weeks, the topic will be denied and then moved to the archive.

  • Follow the format. Remember, I go through around 70 suggestions a week sometimes, it's time consuming to see something not properly formatted. Not using the proper format, means it'll probably get denied without me reading it.
  • ONE SUGGESTION PER TOPIC. Make multiple topics, if you have multiple suggestions.
  • Remember, these are SUGGESTIONS. All the +1s in the world, will never ENSURE that something is made. Keep in mind, that we will do our best to include things that line-up with our server goals and theme, but that just because everyone wants something, doesn't mean it fits.
  • Changlings, Syndicates, ETC are NOT part of our lore or theme. They won't make an appearance on the server, or if they do, it won't be for a VERY long time.
  • Just because another server is doing something, doesn't mean we should. Please avoid "X did this, so should you" suggestions.
  • Bug reports, are not suggestions, and should be in the Bug Reports forum
  • Admin complaints or "Hire more admins" are also not suggestions. We are always hiring new staff, and there is a separate complaint forum for admin issues. So, making "X is a bad admin, you should fire them" as a suggestion will only get you ignored.
  • Our dev team is small, but we do review suggestions. Please don't PM our devs, asking about when a specific suggestion will be implemented. If it's something we are going to do, it'll get done when we can do it.
  • Keep responses constructive. A +1 without any comments, doesn't tell us anything other than that you WANT something. If your going to reply about wanting something, explain WHY, and maybe help try to expand on the concept or give us more of a reason, than "+1". This helps us see it from another view, and maybe change opinions about implementing something, not to mention it might give us an idea of how to implement it.
  • If a suggestion has been stickied, it has been accepted. If it gets moved or locked without being stickied, it was denied.
  • Try to keep it to "one" suggestion per topic, not, 5 small ones.
  • Not using the proper format, will result in an auto-denial and deletion of the topic.
  • Check for the suggestion already in place. If it's just not responded too yet, make a reply to bump it. Don't make duplicate suggestions.
Things to stop asking about (auto-denied):
New Guns (Seriously, stop. When we get ideas, we make new guns. We are not going to make the super-death gun you want)
Janitor job (Nope never, be a maintenance technician)
Androids (we are working on it)
Predator changes (we are working on it)
Game Modes (we are working on it, and there is a discussion sticky)
Working APC (won't happen)
Clowns/Morale Officers or anything "entertainment" related that illudes to a clown. (You WILL get a week-long forum ban, clowns are never going to be in CM)
Additional ERTs - You have the ones you have and they furfill specific purposes, no reason for "Yakuza ERT" or silliness like that.
IDs for survivors.
Adding existing items to standard prep. If they're not already in standard prep, there's a reason for it.