README - Mentor Applications

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README - Mentor Applications

Post by NGGJamie » 20 Dec 2016, 17:06

Mentors are one of the only staff positions that do not require a direct application.
You are judged more primarily on your in-game presence and knowledge, rather than a filled out application.

Here are a few general guidelines to help determine if you might be right for a position as a Mentor:
  • You are willing to take short periods of time out of your server play to help new players.
  • You have a solid grasp of SS13 mechanics. It is highly preferable if you know more advanced roles such as Medical or Engineering, without the need to do much wiki-referring.
  • You play roughly a round every other day on average, at least. More is better.
  • You are willing to be active on the staff Slack chat, and post regularly on the forums.
  • Have a reasonably good recent note history. This is very case-by-case.
  • You may not be a staff member at any other SS13 server when accepted, or become a staff member at another SS13 server during your tenure here.
Here are a few perks that come with starting off as a Mentor, within the context of wanting to move up in the team:
  • You do not need to be well-known to become a Mentor. A large number of Mentors that are accepted are often not well known (I am one of those cases myself)
  • It is an easy staff position, with little to no stress.
  • You will get to see how the rest of the team works in-depth before jumping in and later becoming a Mod, should you take that route. This will make a Moderator application much easier to make successfully.
  • You will be directly helping the community in an important way.
For more information and inquiry for a Mentor position please contact the Senior Mentor (Jerkface00) by sending them a Forum PM. There is no specific application form or format, you are free to write it in whatever way you feel fit. The quality of your application itself is not usually a factor in whether you are accepted or denied, however a better application never hurts.