Abuse of Recon cloak

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Abuse of Recon cloak

Post by Aracino » 17 Jan 2018, 17:44

Your Byond Key: Aracino

Your Character Name: Arac 'Ice' Mahan

Accused Byond Key(if known): No idea.

Character Name: Lisa 'Hotshot' Taylor

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results): Around 5:00 est when it was going for me. 1/17/2018

What rule(s) were broken: Powergaming

Description of the incident: So, I rarely ever bother to do player reports as I most often see them as pointless unless said person did something wrong that'd hinder other players. I really, really did not want to make this report, but I couldn't just let it go by. I'm not sure if there's an actual rule against this, but the fact that Lisa had been showing some of the worst case of powergaming since Harry Cowper used his Sadar Hyperzine strat before both got nerfed. She used the scout cloak to go invisible, carrying a RPG ALONG with a HPR, sneaking up on xenos and immediatly stunning them from stealth with the sadar, giving them no chance to react before they were gunned down with the HPR. This strategy was sickening to me since it was like a predator using their plasma caster + spike gun from cloak. The fact that this was possible is also an issue, the use of a RPG from an invisible cloak is possibly one of the most powergamey things on server. Doing this not only prolonged the round for both sides, in an already 4 hour long round, it just showed poor sportsmanship from Lisa. Honestly, I'm not sure what else I can say that I've already said, since I don't know if this is punishment worthy, but I feel it needs to be looked into.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc): https://gyazo.com/0ec51a75d24af18c0dc0af25e53e13af

How you would punish the accused: A warning at most, I don't think she deserves a ban or anything like I just think the scout cloak needs to be changed that you can't shoot any weapon besides the scout rifle from said cloak to prevent this sort of powergaming from happening in the future.

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Re: Abuse of Recon cloak

Post by oprayx73 » 17 Jan 2018, 17:48

I played that round and I actually left the sadar in the LZ for a specialist to use it since one or two of them died.
Had no clue they'd use it like that. I think a good fix would be to solely allow M4RA firing during cloaking.
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Re: Abuse of Recon cloak

Post by Masturbator » 17 Jan 2018, 17:54

wow seriously

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Re: Abuse of Recon cloak

Post by Jenner » 17 Jan 2018, 17:56

Are you fucking kidding me. Specs are trained to do this shit man, and they get a very limited number of rockets. That right there already balances it out, and it's not like she would have done it if the sadar spec hadn't died already.

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Re: Abuse of Recon cloak

Post by Feweh » 17 Jan 2018, 17:56

It's not abuse and this complaint has no validity.
They are weapons and tools that the player is and was allowed to use. If anything, it's an over-sight on our part to limit what the cloak can and cannot use.

Will be nerfing the cloak over-time most likely to balance it.

No idea why you thought this warranted a report at all.


Edit: To clarify, this is just a prime example of "Why we can't have nice things" and it's unfortunate select players force our hand to nerf shit like this.
It is shameful that Spheretech went so hard to push the boundaries to win but he was using tools at his disposal.