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Your first round

Post by TehSpoderman » 10 Dec 2017, 23:06

How was your first round in CM?

My first round was a WO round. I spawned in a xeno and I didnt know I was resting so I said "" to another xeno. The other xeno just walked away. I thought he was a dick, but soon after that I ahelped about whats up with me and I felt pretty stupid after. I died shortly after that shit.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Rustarus » 10 Dec 2017, 23:12

Man, back when I was a baldie. I remember, back on the Sulaco, I finally geared up pretty well since I watched a few videos of CM prior and was used to the controls and stuff because I played normal SS13 for a while. The first few rounds, I remember watching as a ghost to learn the ship and the maps. We were on LV, and the first round I played I remember the CO was bald, and blamed it on an accident he had. But I didn't know at the time what being bald meant, so I just uh... didn't think of it. The round was pretty normal, stuck with my squad, and remembered my fucking spec just come along randomly from behind a fence, and shot it down while our SL was briefing us planetside. Anyways, I caught up pretty quickly, gave myself my beautiful cigar, and instead of sunglasses I gave myself goggles which made me look a bit retarded so I quickly switched to sunglasses to start with. Man, back on the Sulaco things were fun.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Enceri » 10 Dec 2017, 23:23

it was on the old ice colony map, geared up and went down after looking for dropships, and was sent down the elevator in research 5 times, each time being the only survivor. the horrors of war set in, and once i finally died, jump to co, and he's chatting with another MP about how marines are dogs and should be used as such.

10/10 round

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Re: Your first round

Post by Kerek » 10 Dec 2017, 23:24

I knew how to get geared, not how to shoot my gun. I died soon after landing. Best round I ever had.
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Re: Your first round

Post by JennerH » 10 Dec 2017, 23:32

spawned, get prepped, make it down to planet. planet is ICE and am confused. Dog runs at me but I can't shoot? oh, you gotta click it *unloads magazine with empty hand* **dog pounces**

took a whole round for me to get the courage to ask how to shoot
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Re: Your first round

Post by TheMusician321 » 10 Dec 2017, 23:39

Was on ice colony, didn't really know the controls so i stumbled around quite a lot, finally get some help and gear up, head planetside only to walk out and instantly get destroyed by a turret because I left my ID.
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Re: Your first round

Post by AmazinglyAmazing » 10 Dec 2017, 23:45

First round ever:
Got up, went to prep, painfully got geared up as I didn't know why we had coifs. Right before I could leave prep, an event for Concert Band came up last second. SSD and come back half an hour later. Found out I was banned (which I was told later after sending an appeal it was by accident) for having the name 'Kill All Whites'. Fun.

First FULL round: Get prepped, briefed that we're on recon duty. Land on Ice Planet now fully aware of the purpose of having a coif. Takes 3 minutes to be attacked by 'Red Dogs', in which our squad cowers in fear in a horrible snow fort after our SL gets dragged of because half of us FF'd him and the other half made no attempt to shoot (including me cause I didn't know how to). Snow Fort starts getting attacked heavily by most of the Xeno population. Fort gets gassed as I hopelessly try and figure out how to climb over snow barriers. I die a horrible death, and question how I ever found the game and even survived long enough to reach the Planet.
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Re: Your first round

Post by McRamon » 10 Dec 2017, 23:46

First time ever i was pretty new to whole ss13 thing, i joined, didnt know what to do and where to go so i just left.

Second time, which was pretty much actual first, while first round we can call round zero,was much more successful since i was already good at regular ss13, ive read all the wiki, forum guides, some videos, observed a couple of times and only then joined. Nothing funny to tell, but i must tell good old sulaco was much different from what i saw during round zero and much easier to navigate through so i guess round zero was on some different version of map...
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Re: Your first round

Post by manezinho » 11 Dec 2017, 00:03

Box station, grab M41A, charge in with muhreens, die first to the "black lizards".
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Re: Your first round

Post by TheDonkified » 11 Dec 2017, 00:08

LV back in the Sulaco, went down with only PJs and an M41A with a magazine. I went to hydro and didn't know how to fire my gun. Then I picked up an SMG and actually started shooting it. Then I died to a spitter.
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Re: Your first round

Post by davidofmk771 » 11 Dec 2017, 01:56

I remember it was on big-red, I came around mid-June, right before they removed dragging-wounds. Honestly, I felt a lot of the same magic as when I first played this game. There's a sort of wonder and beauty in playing a truly good and original game for the first time, and CM is so different that it really feels like a separate game from the station-oriented servers. The feeling of a whole world being JUST outside of your grasp, only requiring a small effort to become completely immersed in something you have never quite seen before. It always wears off as you explore deeper, but for the little while it lasts, it really feels like being a kid again.

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Re: Your first round

Post by Gnorse » 11 Dec 2017, 06:32

map was LV in the sulaco days.
I remember I just got an M41A and a revolver. Stuffed my belt with mags and went in with the squad.
Nothing bad happend since I watched some videos and read the wiki, but fucking hell it was scary assaulting the caves.
Man, I still remember the satisfaction of killing my first ever ayy (runner) in a fair 1 v 1 match.
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Re: Your first round

Post by BladeBr » 11 Dec 2017, 19:05

I did well, actually. I mean, I knew I had to load my rifle n' shit but besides that, I didn't know any loadouts so I went with what I knew as half-military man I am.

I know I only died to a young runner because my accuracy was busted. and that thing was 2 fast for meh.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Forst » 11 Dec 2017, 19:46

I guess I was a survivor back when the stage map was TGstation.

I hid in a closet until the marines came, then I got shot to death.

By a marine.

Thought, 'wow this sucks' and left for another six months or so until I remembered this place existed and tried again.
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Re: Your first round

Post by alekfenrir » 11 Dec 2017, 20:29

Deployed as a PFC, had to get mentored around a lot, and then landed mid FOB fall on what I think was LV at the time. Bullets, Ayy's and explosions all over, then jumped by a hunter and decapped a few steps from the DS door.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Zilenan91 » 11 Dec 2017, 20:34

My first round was back in pre-alpha

I joined as alien and had no fucking idea what was happening. Ended up wandering and getting critted and cuffed by an MP, then cuffed to a chair. I had no idea what was going on so I adminhelped this then left the server.

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Re: Your first round

Post by NenMaster » 11 Dec 2017, 21:16

Back in october of last year:

Join up as Standard, kinda fumble around testing what does what, End up going planetside with I forget who to do power duty. Ended getting into a whole hive near comms. Get shot a few times and think "Fuck this i'm going back to LZ1". Go back up to get fix come back down after an hour or so waiting for the ORs to clear up (this was back when we only had when Ice was being introduced and Sulaco only had the two ORs). Finally get back planetside and hear there's only one left.

No idea where my squad is at so I walk back to Engineering only for the round to end. I procceed to shoot a down Alpha only to be suspended for EORG. Haven't done anything like it since.
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Re: Your first round

Post by edda » 11 Dec 2017, 23:13

My first round I was pushing into caves on LV with fellow marines. A hunter was injured so I chased it deep into the caves. Then, showing off my robust mechanics mastery, when I eventually caught up, I took my pulse rifle and threw it at the hunter.

I then booked it out of the caves, leaving my M41A behind.

I'm sure the hunter was very confused.
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Re: Your first round

Post by NescauComToddy » 11 Dec 2017, 23:24

In my first round, I was just a typical Brazilian baldie. When I had arrived in Sulaco's prep room, I was trying to figure out how to open a locker. Suddenly, an MP appeared and I began to robust such, until at a certain point, Snype, who was still a moderator, started talking to me.

I giggle every time I remember my broken English in my responses to his PMs. After half an hour, I finally managed to open the locker to equip myself. Soon after that, I decided to go to the colony alone, which unfortunately had already been evacuated.

I was taken by a runner to the caves and eventually, I disappeared to never be found again.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Mister Jeether » 11 Dec 2017, 23:44

My first round EVER of CM was.. i think around April on 2014 , join in the middle of a Sulaco Boarding, get to prep room, out of NOWHERE, 5 aliens break in the prep killing everyone on it, While i tried to figure out how the vending machine and the stuff inside of it worked properly, a Hivelord killed me, i just realised i was dead when i couldn't move anymore. Good Baldie Times.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Skimmy2 » 12 Dec 2017, 09:34

My very first "round" was spawning in Sulaco cryo and bumbling around in the dark for 5 mins before a bunch of Iron Bears with miniguns mowed me down.

My first "actual round" was WO, fun times, best training I could have.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Smalls » 12 Dec 2017, 11:57

Joined as a doctor on the Sulaco because I figured it would be a quiet and easy job away from any combat to learn the ropes. Had no idea surgery was a thing, I was just expecting to be applying burn/bruise kits and feeding pills to people. Had no idea how to do surgery, never seen it before on SS13, tried to follow the wiki but kept taking too long and marines either burst or died.

Gave up and put a nurses outfit on and manned medbay reception for the rest of the round instead. My job was pushing the door button.

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Re: Your first round

Post by nerocavalier » 12 Dec 2017, 12:53

I was a xeno that evolved into a hunter in old Sulaco. I remember pouncing people and being really confused why my huggers did nothing when I dropped them on marines and some odd rules about throwing huggers being a bad thing?

After that round it was an extended roleplay one and I kind of dodged since I wanted to figure out how to xeno more. Some weeks later, I looked for the infestation server again and found it was lockers + generic armor instead of the Sulaco. Played a round, assaulted the hive in Virology but left to find internals. Came back to everyone dying and then I died. The end.
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Re: Your first round

Post by tiredbum » 14 Dec 2017, 12:22

First ss13 round was also first cm round.
Spawn in as CL because I have no idea what any of the roles mean.
Dont understand the UI at all, can't figure out how to pick up shit.
Saw a megaphone sprite and clicked on it, it disappears.
Dont know it's in my hand, I start clicking on everything and everyone around me, turns out I'm just bashing the megaphone against everything, just close the game.
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Re: Your first round

Post by Heckenshutze » 15 Dec 2017, 13:04

Geared up, went planetside, ramboed.
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