Coporate Liason's limitations.

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Coporate Liason's limitations.

Post by Amitt0 » 17 Dec 2017, 20:37

Heyo all.
After playing as a marine for a while I decided to try out playing as the CL and I love it. Badgering command to tell the Marines not to loot the place, role playing with survivors. I saved a marines life after he stumbled into my office close to death asking for a drink before collapsing. Radioed the MPS to take him to medical and they actually thanked me. ME! The corporate suit that no one likes!

Anyway. What I want to ask about really is the upper limits of how much grief you can cause.
I've mostly just role played. Gone to the planet. Taken pictures, assessed damage to the Colony, smuggled larvae and face huggers on to the ship in my suit case for the company to look over later.

Slowly getting to the point here..
Reading the lore of the game I know the company has knowledge of the xenos but does the CL not?
I like role playing but I obviously don't want to get my character killed or brigged for being too reckless.
One instance I had in which a survivor posing as a chef revealed himself to me as a corporate spy and divulged information about predator technology on the planet.
I said things like " the company will be greatly interested in the destructive potential of these creatures" before realising how fucked we were when the Marines started actually losing to those..bugs!
Anyway. I told the spy I wanted to recover that tech for the company but I wasn't going to do it , wasn't likely going to convince a squad of marines to be set to recovering it (especially if I want to keep it secret to protect the companies interests) and I didn't want to ruin the survivors round by asking him to do a suicide mission.

So I pretty much asked him to chill out after our interview.
But he kept coming back and asking me what I wanted him to do....I didn't know what to tell him. I had my alien samples..had reported to headquarters through fax. I didn't have anything for him. Didn't want him to sabotage the ship or anything cuz that's nuts. I didn't want to let down his experience by not giving him a task but I didn't know what to do..I guess I'm asking for more advice on how to spice up RP for the CL. Any suggestions and advice would be great. Thanks.
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Re: Coporate Liason's limitations.

Post by BladeBr » 17 Dec 2017, 20:44

Ahelp to the admins and ask to some specific situation for you to roleplay out. They can be generally friendly and say "hey, you can do "X" but remember to roleplay nicely"

I once got permission from admins to even go rogue as MP and break marine law lightly all due to my RP.

So ahelp, if you RP well, you might be surprised what admins might allow you to do! :v
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Re: Coporate Liason's limitations.

Post by Mac » 17 Dec 2017, 21:32

It's been a hot minute since I've played as CL but really in my experience it comes down to the quality of your role play. I've done some pretty horrible things via the wonderful approval of the almighty fax machine. Fax, fax, fax away and you will get some wonderful things to do. When in doubt you can admin help it but just remember that as the CL you have quite a bit of rp leeway and can really put a big twist in a round. I once paid 2 marines to break off and recover the nuke disk as well as get me access to the nuke (back on the Sulaco) but unfortunately I never did get the codes faxes. Still it was a wonderful round for both myself and the marines. Sorry about my formatting I'm posting from my phone.
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