First time playing a different role.

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First time playing a different role.

Post by Self Exitium » 02 Jan 2018, 11:53

I've taken a liking to this server and eventually plan to be a commander, but for that to happen I'm trying to get as much experience as possible from all the different roles so that I understand them better and will be able to make better decisions. So I was looking through the threads, and I didn't see a thread specifcally about stories of playing a different role for the first time, and I decided to make this thread. Anyway, here's a story of my second round as SO. It's not paticularly exciting, or my first round, but I need something to start of the thread with.

Now, the first half of the round was was pretty boring, just me overwatching Charlie who was on FOB duty at the time. The problem was, charlie squad had the issue of their engineer litterally saying nothing but insults for most of the time, meaning the Squad leader actually ended up doing more work on the FOB than the actual engineer. CO start's getting a bit miffed that there still isn't a proper FOB 40 minutes into the operation, and eventually just orders all of charlie to come back up and get to CIC. Half of charlie squad comes up, not including the Spec who was previously ordered to go scouting and was at the main fight.

So, half of charlie squad comes into CIC and the commander asks why there isn't an FOB, to which they all answer that the engineer was a baldie who apparantly didn't say anything but insults and never did any actual work. A few minutes later the charlie engineer himself comes in, and the CO orders the prisoner detained and brought over infront of him, while taking his mateba out of it's holster. The prisoner has already been detained by this point and the CMP then points out that the marine law sais prisoners must be kept safe, unharmed and healthy. The CO agrees, expressing sadness that he won't get to punish the engineer with a BE, when he suddenly has an idea. He has the engineer dragged infront of the line of charlie marines, and orders the 3 closest marines to step forward. The engineer is then stripped of his armour and equipment and each of the three closest marines get to punch him once. They punch him, nothing else much happens.

A few minutes later I see the CMP warning those three marines that he'll have to arrest them for breaking marine law, but the rest of charlie squad isn't too happy about that. They let the three wanted marines onto the Alamo and the PO is ordered not to fly the Alamo down, when I think the SL rushes into the cockpit and uses his athourity to activate the Alamo auto pilot, thus letting all of charlie squad escape. They reach the ground and start thanking the SL and just generally acting like people who escaped from the law. The one of them sais that they should change their name to 'Rouge Squadron'.

Over the next 40 minutes the majority of Alpha squad has gotten rid of their helmets, turned of their suit senors, and are not following any orders. At that point the MPs are sent to deal with them, but the marines end up killing two of the MPs that were sent down, while also officially declaring mutiny. The charlie marines come back up and attack CIC, killing most of the people here with a few of us barely just escaping. A while of running away from charlie marines and shooting anyone who shoots me, and an announcement comes up saying that CIC has been re-taken. The round had already been extended earlier due to charlie's mutiny, but now the round is finally done.

My first and third rounds were intresting too, as I dealt with a stupid medic who abandoned his post and left marines to die because he didn't get his M4RA soon enough on my first round, and ended up shooting Ares to death on my third round when he deactivated evac and aliens where right outside the door. Oh yeah, and when I kept arguing with the CLF as the primary groundside SO on my fourth round... you know, command roles are alot more intresting than they may seem
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