Broken Squad? Adhoc it.

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Broken Squad? Adhoc it.

Post by Vispain » 05 Jan 2018, 21:01

Ah. So often I find myself as a Staff Officer trying to rally and organize broken squads. Sadly, some of these squads become so destroyed they can no longer function. For me, a broken squad can be best put to reinforce the FOB. Sometimes though I don't want a broken squad on FOB as we must take the fight to the enemy or I can't/won't withdraw them.
My personal solution I find myself using? Adhoc units. I'll quickly order two broken squads or groups to rally at a singular location and head back out to kill at a location. This prevents "feeding" your enemy a weakened force and promotes the banding together that so often occurs when a squad reaches critical destruction (aka loss of SL, Spec, most CPLs, and LCPL).

So what do other people do to try and prevent feeding marines to the enemy and keep organization of their squads high? Suggestions, criticism and alternate ideas needed.

Edit: One thing I have done/seen is transferring PFCs from a destroyed squad into a functional squad. This could be considered another way of *trying to* maintain cohesion.
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Re: Broken Squad? Adhoc it.

Post by Marine Tickler » 05 Jan 2018, 21:34

Does command have the ability to unify a squad's communications into a single channel? For example, if alpha and bravo get decimated, command combines a+b, whenever either of those squads talk via their channels, they both hear it via the single emergency a+b channel.

If things get really devastated, they can combine all channels into one. It would be chaotic, but probably better than lone PFC's screaming into a dead channel.

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Re: Broken Squad? Adhoc it.

Post by Bronimin » 05 Jan 2018, 22:18

No, headsets used to have the function to change the frequency of the semicolon channel but this was removed because of metasquadding.

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Re: Broken Squad? Adhoc it.

Post by Simo94 » 06 Jan 2018, 01:26

I wish command had the ability to merge two squads comms and also make my SL radar follow another squad's SL, like if im charlie they make it point to delta's SL
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Re: Broken Squad? Adhoc it.

Post by Gnorse » 06 Jan 2018, 06:44

Maybe the SL Radar could have two modes :
The first would be the usual, Point to your SL.
The second would be making it point towards the closest alive SL.
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