PreacherCini- Moderator Application

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PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by PreacherCini » 06 Apr 2017, 23:16

Byond ID: PreacherCini

Colonial Marines Character: Marco ' Iron-Will' Wallick

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Timezone: Mountain

On average, how many hours are you available per week to moderate? 15-20 hours

Do you have any previous experience in being staff (not just SS13)? I used to moderate Arma 3 milsim servers.

Did you play any of the previous Colonial Marine servers? I did not.

What other servers do you play on? Aurora station, /tg/ and Baystation, hippie station sometimes and Paradise most of the time

What are the 3 biggest servers you play on besides CM? Aurora, /tg/ and Paradise

Have you had an application to Colonial Marines before? I have not.

Are you currently a staff member elsewhere (not just SS13)? If so, where? I am not.

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on Colonial Marines? I have not.

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on ANY server? If so, where and When (roughly)? I have not.

Are you familiar with the chat program Slack (its use is required)? Yes, I use it frequently.

Common Staff Situations:
Write a description of what you would do in each situation (BELOW) the situation. If you start it on the same line, I'll assume you can't follow directions and auto-decline your application.

1. A player is firing his weapon in the briefing area near the start of the round.
Is he shooting to intentionally harm others? If he was I would ban him for 7 days and request he get a perma ban. If it was just for shits n' giggles, I would warn him to stop firing and if he does it again I will give him a 12 hour ban.

2. The Sulaco has a breach to space.
If the breach was done to fix an issue with phoron/ plasma I'd confirm what they were doing then make sure they did just that. If it was griefing, I would ban them for 3 days or more depending on how much damage they did.

3. The marines want the nuke codes because they claim they are losing too many marines. There are currently 4 aliens and 20 marines in your /who.
I would tell them no. Since they are not facing overwhelming number on xenos on the ship or on the ground in general.

4. A Sulaco researcher has made several napalm grenades and hands them out to marines. One of the marines throws the grenade into Logistics. There are no admins or other moderators online.
I would first off ask him what he was doing. If it wasn't a reasonable answer I would give him a 2 day ban.

5. A played is starting to talk about the things he did with your mom last night over Ahelp.
I would first warn him about the grievous misuse of the Ahelp system. If he persisted I would ban them for 3 hours.

6. You notice a marine with a name that doesn't fit our naming rules.
I would notify him and ask him what he would like his name to be changed to within our rules.

6a. The marine is arguing that: They've used the name for several years, noone has told them to change it before, and that they didn't know it was a rule.
I would tell him he should stop arguing with me and that the rules have been clearly listed for years. I would then request firmly that he change his name.

7. You see a Sulaco Doctor with an M41A rifle strapped to his back running around the briefing area. There are wounded in medbay, and the other doctor is in surgery.
I would Pm him telling him to drop the rifle and go do his job.

8. You see a Squad Medic performing surgery on the planet. He claims it was because there were no doctors in the FOB.
I would let him continue since he is a medic. I would assume most medics know basic surgery. It would be essential to do surgery in a situation like that.

9. The round is stagnating. There are 30 marines and 4 aliens. The marines won't leave the Sulaco, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?
I would ask an admin to start The Hunt event or something to that extent. Nothing gets people moving faster than Predators.

10. The round ends, and a marine starts unloading his weapons on other marines.
I would tell him first that griefing after the round is still griefing and give him a lesser punishment as it did not disrupt the RP. I would ban him for 3 hours.

11. A marine who has recently awoken is using soap to slip other marines.
I would tell him to knock it off. If he had a clean record I would give him 1 warning before a 5 hour ban.

12. A marine has killed another marine. When you ask him why, he said it was because the other marine had punched him.
I would tell him that is not how you escalate a situation in a reasonable manner. I would then give him an hour ban since it was not a mass murder.

Any additional information you'd like to add?
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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Casany » 06 Apr 2017, 23:22

VERY harsh, and especially on some answers like 8 it's like you didn't read the rules at all. Medics don't know surgery, ERG is an immidient 3 hour ban, and a perms for grieving once is super harsh. Also, nothing about leaving notes. So yeah, -1
Main problems
8. Medics cannot do surgery, ONLY doctors can. It's oitlined in the rules, read em
2. Even if it was fixing a phoron thing, breaching is ALWAYS a big no no. Make sure to ATLEAST note the guy who breached
11. You shouldn't even be doing anything here. If the marines can't pay attention and watch for soap, it's their fault. Not something you ban for unless it starts happening during combat. Then it's griefing

Also, on the first answe, 1 you said you'd request a perms for the guy, but on the last answer when the guy did the same thing you said only a day ban. Try to be consistent even if it is overly harsh
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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Jaketeaking » 06 Apr 2017, 23:28

i can see a few issues here, mainly 2, 4, 8, 9, 11.
2. would you fix the breach?
4. cant think of the words, but the researcher is also at fault.
8. big no-no
9. and if there are no admins available?
11. seems a tad overkill to me

No mentions of notes, dont know the IC character.
-1 for these answers/reasons.
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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by McRipfist » 06 Apr 2017, 23:35

This is not very well done. You need to know the basic rules going into the position, which you obviously do not. You account is also less than a day old.

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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by ZDashe » 06 Apr 2017, 23:46

-1 I suggest you start by playing more on the server first before considering applying for a staff position. I have no idea who you are ICly, and your answers indicate lack of experience on the CM server in general, not just about the rules.

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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by slc97 » 06 Apr 2017, 23:53

There's little to no detail in your answers, and your ban times are all over the place. Normally, I don't harp on ban times for these apps due to the fact that we cover that in trial, but your ban times seem to have no rhyme nor reason to them.

Hard -1.

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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Snypehunter007 » 07 Apr 2017, 00:05


You are...sorta (?) on the right track with numbers 2, 3 (sorta), 5 (very sorta), 6, 6a, 7, 10, and 11.

All of the rest are either way out there or wrong.

You need HEAVY revision before any of this is even salvageable that we could work to fix it during trial.
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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Kavrick » 07 Apr 2017, 07:13

Brand new account, obviously doesn't know the very basic rules, even his character name breaks the naming rule.

-1 for sure
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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Helgraf » 07 Apr 2017, 07:16

-1 Everyone else has already said it.
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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by freemysoul » 07 Apr 2017, 07:25

Answers, where you could have given out day bans you give them 1-hour bans, areas where you could have given out warnings or simply remove the issue (aka question 11 and 5) you give too harsh a punishment. In these questions you show ZERO knowledge of the rules and basic protocol from the CoC.

Absolutely a -1 from me.

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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Karmac » 07 Apr 2017, 08:37

I think we can make this work.

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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Scrat505 » 07 Apr 2017, 11:22

Definite -1. Bans range from fair to extremely harsh, and some of the answers are outright wrong, as has been already outlined above. Plus, I've never heard of you, and this is your first and only forum post.

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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Finefire984 » 07 Apr 2017, 13:11

-1 You just made your account yesterday and some of the rules are wrong or harsh. I'm not worried as much about the lenght of the bans because they can be fixed during the trial period. However, you need to know the rules you enforce.
I recommend getting to know the rules and getting more experience in game.

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Re: PreacherCini- Moderator Application

Post by Feweh » 07 Apr 2017, 19:17