Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

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Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by Supermichael777 » 31 May 2017, 21:57

Byond ID: Supermichael777

Colonial Marines Character: Herman Briggs

Age: 22

Gender: M

Timezone: US-Edt/Est/Uct-5:00

On average, how many hours are you available per week to moderate?
30+ though this may change

Do you have any previous experience in being staff (not just SS13)?

Did you play any of the previous Colonial Marine servers?
No just this one

What are the 3 biggest servers you play on besides CM?
Tg is probably the most frequent
Vg for a while recently
and Goon

Provide links to any previous Colonial Marines applications that you've made:

Are you currently a staff member elsewhere (not just SS13)? If so, where?

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on Colonial Marines?
Not that I recall

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on ANY server? If so, which server, when, and what for?
Tg for forceborging: weekban and cap ban about two years ago. sat out the weekban because i was guilty as shit. appeled the cap ban. Lifted.
Banned on bay for not understanding how to rp around 2014. Unsure of length; Never went back.

Are you familiar with the chat program Slack (its use is required)?
No but willing to learn.

Common Staff Situations:
Write a description of what you would do in each of the following situations. Do not write on the same line as the situation - use the space below it or make space as needed. Failure to do this proves your inability to follow instructions and your application will be automatically denied.

1. A player randomly shoots someone at round start and MPs have detained him.
Watch the situation play out. Check his key in case he disconnects mid-way through his detention. Listen to what he says to the mps. Ask him why he shot the other marine. check his notes. if he has a history of this behavior ban him. If the other marine died permanently I might give him a dayban for ruining the other players round and the other player ahelped, else this issue seems to have been handled in character.

2. The ship has a breach to space and a bunch of players have died or are dying as a result.
Check the cause of the breach and the logs for a source. Warn whoever was responsible if it seems intentional and give them a note. If they already have a note warn again and ban for 24 hours

3. You see a player walking around the ship naked and clearly lost.
Pm them the direction of where they need to go and a link to the maps

4. A player is being very rude to you in Adminhelps and requesting to speak to an Admin+ staff member.
Ask them to calm down and that if they are unhappy with my decision to complain on the fourm. If they keep on ahelping give them a short ban.

5. You notice a player with a name that doesn't fit our naming rules. The player is arguing that: They've used the name for several years, no one has told them to change it before, and that they didn't know it was a rule.
Warn them to change it next round and give them a note.

6. You see a Maintenance Tech running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green with no threat present.
This is an IC issue. Send a vague report through the ai if its not dealt with in a timely fashion.

7. You see a Squad Medic performing surgery on the planet. He claims it was because there were no doctors in the FOB.
Check his notes for a previous warning. Warn him that this is a role-play violation.

8. The round is stagnating. There are 30 marines and 4 aliens. The marines won't leave the ship, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?
Give the marines a M.O.T.H.E.R report.

9. The round ends, a MARINE starts shooting a hostile IRON BEAR and the IRON BEAR Adminhelps complaining he was killed after the round ended.

10. A marine is running around disarming, punching and stealing gear at round start.
Warn him about this. if he keeps doing it ban him.

11. A marine has killed another marine. When you ask him why, he said it was because the other marine had punched him.
Check his notes for past behavior. Warn him this is excessive escalation and not to do it again

12. An issue arises that requires Admin+ abilities.
Ping an admin on slack

13. There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and RPing but one player gets offended and Adminhelps about it.
Warn the offenders that what they are saying is offensive to other players. This is ic but they are starting to cross the line. Tell the complainer to say something ic if they feel uncomfortable with ic behavior.

14. A marine opens fire at round start in briefing killing multiple marines and instantly logs off.
Ban 7 days and post perma requests

15. You see a player playing a xeno larva/chestburster run towards the frontlines and die.
Warn him not to waste xeno larva. if this is a repeat offense

16. You see a xeno memeing, saying AYYLMAO, REEEEEE etc in hivemind chat.
Warn him to stop spamming hive

17. A xeno player calls the shuttle a "dropship". A different xeno player complains to you that it's metagaming/failRP to call it a "dropship".
"hive chat is semi ooc using the language is not required"

18. A Command staff player at briefing near round-start mentions there are aliens on the planet.
Warn him that thats an rp breach.

19. A Marine kills another Marine on the EVAC Pod to take the last spot and claims it was RP as he was saving himself.
Warn him not to do it again.

20. You see a fellow staff member give wrong information in an Adminhelp or incorrectly enforcing a rule.
Pm them the correction. Report if ignored and I know I'm right after double checking.

20a. You see a fellow staff member abusing his powers in-game.
Report to the heads

21. You see a player talking in OOC chat about what he did with your mom last night.
if its just a general joke and not spam ignore it. otherwise ask them not to spam ooc

Any additional information you'd like to add?

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Re: Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by Casany » 31 May 2017, 22:59

There's just a lot wrong with this app. One question isn't even fully done.

Spoony'll probably give a more detailed response than I ever could, so to keep this nice and short I'll just go ahead and -1 this
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Re: Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by Karmac » 31 May 2017, 23:32

After the 4th question any semblance of professionalism your application had is dropped in favor of one sentence answers that don't go into any detail at all. It's not that hard to tell you aren't ready for this just yet. -1.
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Re: Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by TehSpoderman » 01 Jun 2017, 00:06

i feel like you didnt even try with this app. it doesnt go into detail -1
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Re: Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by slc97 » 01 Jun 2017, 15:10

This is just unconscionably bad. -1

Your answers to these questions should be more than 1 sentence.

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Re: Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by freemysoul » 01 Jun 2017, 15:12

This is very VERY vague on the answers (We don't expect an essay but atleast 2 sentences should be used) and from what I see there is NO process or rectification on any of the questions. Some answers even being wrong.

Rule of thumb, Check their god damn notes, this WILL always affect how you deal with them, Multiple warnings for the SAME rule breaks can result in bans, so many bans result in Permabans.

Some highlights:

Question 19: This is actually allowed, As long as it's escalated, Killing one person to escape is fine, Sitting at the end the hallway shotgun blasting anyone approaching that's not. Read into it, it's the LAST escape pod.

Question 20: Reporting them because they ignored the ahelp isn't really necessary (Unless of course their constantly getting things wrong). Specifically, if said person is dealing with an ahelp at the moment, you should always PM them twice and then through slack if need be, Ahelps do get eaten up. We are humans and a team after all, you should be working together.

Aside from that your notes are.... clean, However I have not seen you about before (Possibly timezones).

My final review of the Application is a -1 as from the questions answered is shows very little in the way process and rectification, Combine with the fact the answers get shorter the longer you go on also shows lack of interest.
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Re: Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by apophis775 » 01 Jun 2017, 15:22

-1 from me.
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Re: Supermichael777 - Moderator Application

Post by Feweh » 02 Jun 2017, 12:02