Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

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Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

Post by zaeman744 » 03 Oct 2017, 20:33

Byond ID: Zaeman744

Colonial Marines Character: Pablo Garcia

Age: 16

Gender: M

Timezone: EST

On average, how many hours are you available per week to moderate? I can moderate 30 hours a week.

Do you have any previous experience in being staff (not just SS13)? Yes

Did you play any of the previous Colonial Marine servers? Yes

What are the 3 biggest servers you play on besides CM? Yogstation(This is pretty much the only other server I would play)

Provide links to any previous Colonial Marines applications that you've made:

Are you currently a staff member elsewhere (not just SS13)? If so, where? No

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on Colonial Marines? No

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on ANY server? If so, which server, when, and what for? No

Are you familiar with the chat program Slack (its use is required)? Yes

Common Staff Situations:
Write a description of what you would do in each of the following situations. Do not write on the same line as the situation - use the space below it or make space as needed. Failure to do this proves your inability to follow instructions and your application will be automatically denied.

1. A player randomly shoots someone at round start and MPs have detained him.
I would let the MP's detain him and once he is handled in character I would then message him asking what his reason for shooting the person was and I would then take action based on what my Standard Operating Procedures or whatever guidebook there is says then if the person who was randomly killed is not cloned I would take action to have him revived based on what SOP's say.

2. The ship has a breach to space and a bunch of players have died or are dying as a result.
If I have the power to fix the breach I would then try my best to fix it and also revive everyone and if I do not have the power I would then attempt to reach a higher ranking staff member that can fix it and hope that the situation can be fixed accordingly and the round can be continued with no more problems.

3. You see a player walking around the ship naked and clearly lost.
I would message him asking if he is new to the server and tell him to please put clothes on and if he is new I will send him a link to the guide and hope that he will do the right thing and play the server how it should be played and if not I will proceed with whatever action is needed.

4. A player is being very rude to you in Adminhelps and requesting to speak to an Admin+ staff member.
I would try to calm them down telling them that disrespecting members in the community is against the rules and if he continues to break the rude I will be forced to take action but if I can get him to calm down I will then proceed to get an admin for him.

5. You notice a player with a name that doesn't fit our naming rules. The player is arguing that: They've used the name for several years, no one has told them to change it before, and that they didn't know it was a rule.
I will send him a link to the rules telling him where the rule is and that the name clearly breaks the rules and that it needs to be changed immediately or the will be consequences.

6. You see a Maintenance Tech running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green with no threat present.
I wouldn't do anything as it is not against the rules

7. You see a Squad Medic performing surgery on the planet. He claims it was because there were no doctors in the FOB.
I would have given him a warning if it was his first time telling him that only doctors the CMO and medical researchers can do surgery. But if he ignores me and continues to break the rule I would then take action

8. The round is stagnating. There are 30 marines and 4 aliens. The marines won't leave the ship, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?
I would ask a higher ranking staff member if I could make something like a Centcom announcement for the marines saying something such as all marines salaries will be decreased if they do not go back onto the planet as there are still heat signatures on planet and for the and I would make an announcement saying that the hive mother would be angry sensing that the aliens are being lazy.

9. The round ends, a MARINE starts shooting a hostile IRON BEAR and the IRON BEAR Adminhelps complaining he was killed after the round ended.
I would say that it is fine because even though it is the end of the round the Iron Bear is an antag

10. A marine is running around disarming, punching and stealing gear at round start.
I would tell him to stop as he is breaking rule number 1 by being an overall minge.

11. A marine has killed another marine. When you ask him why, he said it was because the other marine had punched him.
If I am allowed I would revive the marine that was killed and then I would deal with the marine that was the attacker as he was griefing by killing the person for a non-legit reason.

12. An issue arises that requires Admin+ abilities.
I would contact someone higher than me assuming it is admin based on the chain of command

13. There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and RPing but one player gets offended and Adminhelps about it.
I would message in OOC telling people to stop or there will be consequences.

14. A marine opens fire at round start in briefing killing multiple marines and instantly logs off.
I will try to get everyone that was RDM'ed revived then try to have the person that did it perma banned as I am sure that is what will happen if he does it.

15. You see a player playing a xeno larva/chestburster run towards the frontlines and die.
It is not against the rules so I would not do anything about it

16. You see a xeno memeing, saying AYYLMAO, REEEEEE etc in hivemind chat.
I would tell him to stop and that he needs to roleplay correctly or there will be consequences

17. A xeno player calls the shuttle a "dropship". A different xeno player complains to you that it's metagaming/failRP to call it a "dropship".
I would give him a warning telling him the correct term with would be something like, "Metal Bird"

18. A Command staff player at briefing near round-start mentions there are aliens on the planet.
I would tell him that he is metagaming and that he does not know what is on the planet unless he finds out about it in character.

19. A Marine kills another Marine on the EVAC Pod to take the last spot and claims it was RP as he was saving himself.
It would be fine as he had a legit reason which was to save himself as he was self-interested

20. You see a fellow staff member give wrong information in an Adminhelp or incorrectly enforcing a rule.
I would message the staff member telling him that what they said was not correct and I would try to correct the situation
20a. You see a fellow staff member abusing his powers in-game.
I would record or screenshot it and then make a staff complaint

21. You see a player talking in OOC chat about what he did with your mom last night.
I would tell him that if he keeps it up there will be consequences and if he continues I will then do what I need to do.

Any additional information you'd like to add? No
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Re: Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

Post by Karmac » 03 Oct 2017, 20:46

So of the 168 hours in a week you can moderate for 120 of them?

Good luck mate

Also your answers show you haven't actually read half our servers rules, such as when you say you'll punish xenos for using the dropships actual name. And most lf your answers are very vague with how you'll handle situations. Try reading an accepted application and our rules again.
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Re: Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

Post by Kernir » 03 Oct 2017, 21:26

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to make an application, I'll read over your answers to weigh in on what you've answered.

One hundred and twenty hours a week? Jesus. That sounds a little excessive, are you confident that you'd realistically be able to manage that?

1. We don't have cloning any longer, plus dropping back to "I'd so what I'm supposed to" isn't exactly expansive in terms of an answer.
2. Wouldn't you like to make any investigation?
3. Again, this is kind of vague don't you think?
4. break the rude I'd suggest giving your application a once over for mistakes. But you shouldn't get an admin just because one is demanded, especially if you can resolve the issue yourself.
5. A player cannot change his name mid-round.

7. Would you let him finish his surgery? What action would you take?
8. I feel as though there may be more of a thematic way to approach the situation. Are you confident that this is the best approach?

10. Are you sure that you should message the player straight away?
11. Do you think that this is enough investigation? How would you deal with the accused?
12. How would you contact an admin?
13. Players are allowed leeway to act like an ass IC.
14. Are you sure that a first offence is perma worthy?
15. This is against the rules, suicide as a larva is deliberately an attempt to harm the xenos and it's absolutely fine to simply ghost if you don't wish to take the role.
16. What consequences?
17. Hive mind is an English translation of Xenos thought, drop ship is fine.

19. Wouldn't you at least try to look into the issue?
20a. A staff complaint on the forums? Don't you think it'd be better to take it somewhere else?
21. This is... I'll just say vague. You shouldn't be threatening people with administrative action for a joke.

I'm a heavy -1 here, I'm sorry. I don't feel as though you understand our rules properly, I don't think you've read over any of the other accepted applications and you treat each situation like you're a mafioso hitman. "I'll do what I have to do" / "There will be consequences". You're far too vague when it comes to your answers and you never really go into any details.

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Re: Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

Post by Tharinoma » 03 Oct 2017, 22:01

Hello Zaeman744,

I'm sorry to say, a rather poor application. For a start, your English skills look like they are below the required standard to become a mod.

You mention cloning in 1. although it was removed a long time ago.
15. and 17. are wrong.
The general idea behind the other answers is okay-ish, but you give no details. We don't know how or why you do things.

I can't support this application. -1

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

Post by emeraldmoonx » 03 Oct 2017, 23:45

Hi Zaeman744, thanks for taking the time to apply. I'll give my response to your answer to the situations then give more details/a verdict at the end :].

First your pre-situation questions. In a week there's 168 hours... I don't know if you calculated... but 120hr/wk = 17.15hrs/day. So pretty much ALL day, you're able to moderate? You might wanna be more realistic... there's day where you go out, or gotta do shit... You need to eat, shower, etc...

If I don't comment on a question, it's cause you answer it all correctly and nothing needs to be said, so good job :].

1. First off... If you've played at all recently, you'd know cloning was removed long ago lol. Yes, let MPs deal with the issue for the most part, PMing and inquiring is a good idea.
2. Good, you should try and fix the breach first thing. Now what do you do after? You're not investigating anything? What if the breach is caused by grief? Need details to this.
7. Great answer. The new skill system prevents this, so we'd never have this issue.
8. Announcements are good, but sometimes simply subtle messages and PMs can work just as good. Hinting at the CO/Queen can have positive effects.
9. This also applies to marines vs xenos. Any enemies are allowed to fight even after round ends and is not EORG.
10. A PM telling him to stop is good. Let MPs detain him. What would you do after this? What if he doesn't stop?
11. This is called unecessary escalation. It can be considered grief depending how you view it. What would you do about it? What punishment? Would you look at notes?
13. Don't announce in OOC as this is an IC issue and the only person who needs to be messaged is the one making racist jokes. If you feel the jokes are going too far, then you can PM. Otherwise, let jokes be jokes.
14. Banning for grief since he logged off is acceptable. Look at his/her notes before you jump straight to perma ban.
15. Running to front of lines and dying right away can be considered suicide depending on circumstances. Suicide IS against the rules.
16. Correct, just to clarify there's rule for this. Warning, then 3hr ban.
17. This is not an RP issue, and there is no correct term for anything as xenos use hivemind telepathy, not words. So a xeno can call the dropship whatever they please. No warning is needed.
18. I'd consider telling people in OOC that knowledge of xenos isn't IC in general. Up to you.
19. What if it's not a good reason? Killing someone without a good reason is grief. First see if there's other open pods, then determine if KILLING the marine was totally necessary to get in a pod. You need to analyze before accepting a situation as is.

Answers need more details on a lot of it. You should look at the admin protocols again and try and follow that. You're not making use of many of the mod tools like PMing and notes. Your grasp on some of the rules are also pretty shady, and you should know this in and out.

-1 for now, did not put enough work and did not learn admin protocols/rules fully. However, I see you have potential, and I'll keep tabs on this app and see if you give good feedback to the criticism you no doubt will receive.
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Re: Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

Post by apophis775 » 03 Oct 2017, 23:51

120 hours a week?

Dude, there are only 168 hours in a week. What about school, sleep, work, eating?

I'm gonna say this will PROBABLY get denied.
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Re: Zaeman744 - Moderator Application

Post by apophis775 » 04 Oct 2017, 00:29


I can't tell if you are trolling, or being serious and think this is at all professional. Seriously, 120 hours a week? Threatening action because someone talks about your mom? Not to mention several of your answers show you don't know the rules.

Final Ruling:

flamecow wrote: "unga dunga me want the attachment" - average marine