Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

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Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by Cpkeyes » 20 Aug 2017, 19:22

Your Byond Key:Cpkeyes

Your Character Name: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody

Accused Byond Key(if known):

Character Name: Abel Blackwell

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results):5:50 PM-7:00 PM EST

What rule(s) were broken: Wasn't playing the role properly. I believe that is Rule 0.2

Description of the incident: So, I was playing SO. XO seemed to be knew and was on his phone for most of the round, not doing his job. We SO's tried to pick up the pace. One of the PO's, Vera Crux was the pilot of the Normandy and was probably just roleplaying her character, refused to launch the Normandy because it was for CAS. One of us (Frankie Day) went to the MP's about this and all of us confirmed this was in fact happened. Hell, Vera even insulted us in the MP chat. Yet Abel refused to even arrest her, instead saying he would 'talk to her afterwards'. Despite all the evidence given. He also threatened to arrest us for neglect of duty, saying we shouldn't have ordered the Normandy to go down. Basically admitting that Vera committed a crime. He even arrested (or tried to) Day for sending a fax to high command.

I do not know his side of the story. But this just felt...wrong.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSpswDP ... e=youtu.be

How you would punish the accused: I am not one to say.
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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by Cpkeyes » 20 Aug 2017, 19:30

I will also note that this was the first launch of the round.

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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by Sneakyr » 20 Aug 2017, 20:04

Everything said here is true, basically, but a few of the minor details are wrong.
He didn't threaten to arrest us for ordering the Normandy down, but threatened to arrest us for "not doing our jobs" (aka ordering the arrest of Vera over comms, while we were on overwatch)
He didn't say he'd "talk to her afterwards", he outright dismissed the charges (Insub x2 and insult to a superior) and cleared her record.
He tried to and threatened to arrest me for sending the FAX to high command using his fax machine, but I managed to avoid him the entire round.
After we told him that he couldn't ignore marine law, he told us to get "evidence", despite Vera herself insulting us in the MP channel.
Adding on, he tried to arrest me for insubordination after a fellow LT (keep in mind we were both staff officers, the only difference being that he had elected himself acting commander) told me to man Overwatch.
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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by Cpkeyes » 20 Aug 2017, 20:07

Yes apologizes for this admins if I filed this report to early.

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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by Tidomann » 20 Aug 2017, 21:11

As witness to that round- Abel Bicknell refused to arrest the PO because he was unable to send MPs planetside to get them. That being said, I'm not sure why he could not have arrested them instead of disregarding the arrest altogether.

Later on, he threatened to arrest the SO's for neglect of duty as they tried to fax about the issue.

Later on, some marines began to spread UPP propaganda. A prisoner was tied up in the execution room and tortured. I did my best to inform them that all prisoners should be protected under marine law, as they were once USMC employees, even if they are arrested for terrorist propaganda, and should only be tortured should it be approved by high command.

Later on, an MP was arrested, and his ID terminated under the belief that he was helping spread the propaganda in the maintenance tunnels. Unfortunately one prisoner was released without an MP present and then proceeded to break all the glass- so the MP was held in the perma cell- where an investigation was done. The evidence was m3 armour (although the MP was wearing M2 armour) so without concrete evidence I needed to remind the CMP that he should be released.

I tried to handle some of the issues in character through faxes, and unfortunately I was torn between other ahelps- so I apologize to those that were affected in the round. Because of the infractions, I think the player needs to take a break from CMP. Once they prove they can handle the responsibility of handling marine law as an MP an appeal can be made- because there were simply too many infractions that I constantly needed to micromanage that round.

Edit: I appreciate anyone who wishes to post more

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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by Kerek » 21 Aug 2017, 01:44

I was the MP he arrested, some SO said I was spreading UPP Propogana, CMP arrested me, didn't follow proper procedure from what I saw, granted I was also writing a report to USCMC High Command on him assaulting a prisoner. He arrests me, throws me in perma, terminates my ID while I am under investigation that so far doesn't point to me at all. And then threatens to attempt to pile on more law breaks I don't think I did. I don't think he has a very good grasp on marine law and doesn't roleplay too well.

Throughout that round he just wanted to arrest as many people on as many small charges as he could for as long as he could keep them there.
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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by TheMaskedMan2 » 28 Aug 2017, 17:11

Pretty tired, but pulling logs.

Relevant Logs:

PO Misbehaving:

Code: Select all

[17:26:18]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: If you think for a minute that we're the Alamo, we're not.
[17:27:01]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: Then get on the fucking Alamo.
[17:27:07]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: We're not running transport.
[17:27:34]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: WE're literally coated in weapons, and your dumb asses think we're running transport.
[17:27:40]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: You're all stupid as hell.
[17:27:54]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: DS 2 needs to be aunched?
[17:27:57]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: Eat dick, LT.
[17:28:12]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: Do you want to eat my dick, LT?
[17:28:12]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: Launching DS 2 then
[17:28:27]ADMIN: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody. () launched a shuttle from the 'Alamo' dropship console
[17:28:49]SAY: Frankie Day/: Arrest Vera Crux for insubordination and disrespect of a superior.
[17:29:17]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: I'm gonna make a break for it.
[17:29:23]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: I'm gonna run into the FOB and hide there.
[17:29:32]SAY: Vera 'Fatty' Crux/: They'll forget about me within like fifteen minutes anyway.
Interactions with the CMP

Code: Select all

[17:38:15]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Do not arrest the PO. She did nothing wrong. You guys need to stop being so picky onto each other and cooperate more. On my way RO.
[17:42:19]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: I wont arrest PO just because you are feeling like I should. Let her do her job and I will talk to her later on.
[17:43:58]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Provide me with evidence and I will put Vera into the brig.
[17:44:25]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: We gave you evidence, CMP. Ask the marines on the DS 2.
[17:44:30]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Maybe you should learn how to properly assign squads.
[17:44:38]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: And duty the PO's.
[17:44:56]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: Abel, did you just admit that Vera  did wrong?
[17:45:06]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: And I am saying that it might hurt the mission so...
[17:45:16]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: For not following orders?
[17:45:24]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: Thank you for confirming that WO.
[17:45:48]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: I am glad we have all come to an agreement that Vera was ordered to launch DS2, ut didn't.
[17:46:09]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: She is following orders. But I see neglect of duty from you SO's. So...unless you want to be brigged for it lead the squads and leave Vera to me.
[17:46:22]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: Want neglect of duty?
[17:46:41]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: By ordering people onto a dropship and having an PO not launch?
[17:46:46]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Barking over MP channels to arrest Vera instead of actually doing your duties. Its enough to say it once.
[17:47:58]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Calm your behavior and tone with me LT.
[17:47:24]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: I will also not you aren't actually saying Vera did not break law. You are saying she did, but you are not charging her
[17:48:17]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: She will answer for what she has done. In the mean time oversee the squads.
[17:48:28]SAY: Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: Been  doing that this whole time WO
[17:52:12]OOC: (LOCAL) Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody./: ....Isn't the CMP suppose to enforce the law? I feel like he's breaking the rules here.
Much Later, it appears that the CMP does order that Vera get arrested.

Code: Select all

[18:01:30]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: If it does not say for what is she wanted release her.
[18:01:38]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: And clear her dossier.
[18:10:09]SAY: Kevin Digson/: I got Vera crux
[18:09:56]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Give her ten minutes.
[18:10:06]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: She didnt resist so give her low sentence.
[18:25:15]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Vera was arrested and has served time.
[18:25:48]SAY: Frankie Day/: I don't care about Vera anymore, it was the fact that the CMP not only threatened to arrest all the SOs involved in her case but initially waived it without arrest.
[18:27:02]SAY: Abel Bicknell/: Added insubordination and neglect of duty for arrest.
Original Ahelp that led to this report.

Code: Select all

[17:50:08]ADMIN: HELP: Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): The CMP basically admited that the PO broke the law, but is refusing to enforce it and is now trying to arrest us for made up charges. I'm pretty sure that is against the roles, through apologizes if I am wrong - heard by 8 non-AFK admins.
[17:55:31]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): What have you been arrested for?
[17:56:00]ADMIN: PM: Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): Neglect of duty, or atleast he has said he's thinking about it. I've been in the overwatch the whole time. He's also gonna arrest a LT for faxing an complaint about him in his office.
[17:56:24]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): Give me a bit to look into the logs
[17:56:28]ADMIN: PM: Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): He has also refused to brig a PO that insulted us on his comm channel and all SO's have brought evidence for.
[18:01:35]ADMIN: PM: Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): Gotta SSD but yeah. This just feels like..wrong
[18:01:58]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): It's a semi valid arrest. Yeah there is some mud in it- and it would be something you would fax high command over
[18:02:09]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): Sorry about the sour note on your round
[18:02:23]ADMIN: PM: Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): He arrested the guy. But what about not arresting the PO despite clear evidence?
[18:02:53]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): That I'm still looking into, you issued the arrest right?
[18:03:08]ADMIN: PM: Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): No, I think it was one of  the other SO's. I just launched the Normandy because of it
[18:03:15]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): ok
[18:03:30]ADMIN: PM: Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): But yeah, I gotta go. Should I file a player report? 
[18:04:24]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): I'll do some more log diving, but a player report will let us look more thoroughly
[18:04:39]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Cpkeyes/(Tabatha 'Tabs' Cody.): If you feel it's the right action do it, the worst that comes up is we get the answers later on
[18:05:22]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Krunoslav/(Abel Bicknell): Hey- sorry for the mid round boink- just getting your take on the SO arrest for neglect, and why you let the PO free?
[18:06:23]ADMIN: PM: Krunoslav/(Abel Bicknell)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): Excuse me?
[18:07:04]ADMIN: PM: Krunoslav/(Abel Bicknell)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): Sorry had to go to the bathroom real fast. Its because I didnt get to arresting Vera since she was on the planet side and we arent allowed to go down there unless we are escorting personnel.
[18:07:38]ADMIN: PM: Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey)->Krunoslav/(Abel Bicknell): That's alright, what was the SO arrest for neglect of duty?
[18:07:51]ADMIN: PM: Krunoslav/(Abel Bicknell)->Tidomann/(Jalen Bailey): As far as I know no SO was to be arrested. o.o

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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by davidofmk771 » 28 Aug 2017, 18:56

I believe I was the CL for this round, David Rooder. I recall a few things that may be important to this case.

1. When the trouble was first brewing, Frankie Day repeatedly asked me for assistance in sending his complaint through my fax machine, as the CMP would not allow the use of his own. I refused multiple times, citing the planetside situation, which at that point had blown into full scale battle. I felt that it was a frivolous use of time and resources that would ultimately lead to the demotion and possible brigging of key members of the crew during a critical operation. However, after he assured me he would use his ID and signature to send the fax, I relented, and allowed him to.

2. I found the first UPP pamphlet outside of the maintenance tunnel near my office. I brought it to the CMP and asked him to investigate the matter, and soon after, the situation had exploded into multiple standard marines declaring their UPP sympathies over the radio, leading to their own briggings. Also, while I was in the CIC, I overheard an SO by the name of Nia (cant remember the last name well, Ortitz or somesuch) report an "MP with ginger hair" dropping the same pamphlets in maintenance tunnels. This description obviously fit Ryan 'Firebug' Steelberg, and he was arrested based on this SO's report about 15-30 minutes later.

3. During one of my many roams around the Almayer, I noticed a fully stripped Vera 'Fatty" Crux being led out of the brig by a few MPs and possibly the CMP (though im not exactly sure if he was there). I didn't take time to investigate the matter, as the UPP situation had already turned to multiple dropped propaganda pamphlets and I was hoping to speak with the first marine that was arrested, a man by the name of Boris I believe.

4. During the last minutes of the round, the CMP was demoted for beating a prisoner, and the situation planetside had completely deteriorated. I sent a fax to W-Y requesting that they either demand the USCM change their patrol routes to prevent isolation and subsequent UPP propaganda infiltration, or demand the Almayer be returned to the company and all marine crew ejected at the nearest USCM station. I quickly received a fax authorizing the implementation of the latter plan, with instructions to show the commander the fax, eject the command crew and marines, and poach highly specialized crewmembers like the CMO and CE for W-Y employment. However, soon after, I believe we were all murdered by the horrible unknown xenomorphs that reigned hell planetside as all of this unfolded.

In my opinion, all of this was IC issues and the only fault I see was the removal of Ryan's ID, which im not sure was against the ID rules because he was officially demoted for spreading UPP propaganda (the only proof being the SO Nia's word).

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Re: Abel Blackwell-CMP refusing to enforce the law

Post by Feweh » 12 Sep 2017, 12:25

This has been resolved.

This is an IC issue