Ancient Spitter (540) report from mizolo (Possible hacking)

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Ancient Spitter (540) report from mizolo (Possible hacking)

Post by mizolo » 28 Sep 2017, 16:15

Your Byond Key:

Your Character Name:
Anekcahap Volkov

Accused Byond Key(if known):
Not known

Character Name:
Ancient Spitter (540)

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results):
2:45-ish --- 2:55-ish PM /// 9/28/17 Thursday

What rule(s) were broken:

Description of the incident:
So I was spectating the round, and I noticed that when the ancient spitter ... well ... spat, it didn't lose plasma.

So i'm like "ok ... whatever" because as an ancient sentinel I regenerated plasma as I spat ... since I was on weeds right?

So I keep spectating ya know ... and then the ancient sentinel gets hit or something and then proceeds to SPAM NT at a marine ... and doesn't loose plasma.

This may not be cheating and just a bug, or maybe I mis-saw something and maybe he was on weeds ... but, this is a LIIITTLE too suspicious, if you understand what i'm saying.

I didn't get killed by the spitter, so i'm not meta-grudging, I was killed by a predator in a duel.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
Logs will explain if anything, I tried to get screenshots, but I was using the snipping tool, not a screenshot thing you can use in game or a program that let's you hot-key it.

How you would punish the accused:
Personally I don't tolerate hacking, so I personally would want a 2-3 month ban, if not perma, but it's ultimately up to you guys.

(side note):
This person may not have been hacking or cheating, and I understand if they aren't ... but it's just too suspicious for me NOT to make a report.
Sorry if you were that person and you're reading this ... I hope you understand my view.
Anekcahap Volkov
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Re: Ancient Spitter (540) report from mizolo (Possible hacking)

Post by Jaketeaking » 28 Sep 2017, 16:40

so, this was me.
I wasnt hacking.
Ancient spitters regain 50 plasma per tick on weeds, and the cost of a single neuro spit is 50 plasma.
Mostly i was stood on weeds, or had a caste with recovery on.
I also did this to a lot of marines.
Im not entirely sure how you find this suspicious, but due to the recent changes of healing and plasma gain, i sort of understand it.
If anything else is needed to assure you, please, let me know.
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Re: Ancient Spitter (540) report from mizolo (Possible hacking)

Post by Feweh » 28 Sep 2017, 16:53

and report solved just like that