Improper escalation during event round.

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Improper escalation during event round.

Post by Gabe » 30 Sep 2017, 19:24

Your Byond Key: Cobradude

Your Character Name: Alexander Hawking

Accused Byond Key(if known):Krab Spider

Character Name: John 'Buckshot' Rhodes

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results):14:30pm (if incorrect, 20:30pm BST)

What rule(s) were broken:Improper escalation
"Rule 0.2 Follow the Roleplay Guidelines."

Description of the incident: A usual Delta main medic, Alicia Parker, rolled Alpha on this particular round. Me and a few other Delta players teased them about this, I called her a "Traitor". In retaliation, Parker jokingly threw a bottle at me which ended up being a snowball fight of sorts between a few bored people in the FOB. During this, I chased Parker into Hydro where Alpha squad was located, and Buckshot Mcwhiteknightvalids decided that one of the people with me disarming Parker was reason enough to instigate a fist fight. I disarmed Rhodes in return as he swung at my squad mate (I believe Wulf Bacara? He himself isn't a model citizen in my own experiences but they'd done nothing improper here), again Rhodes used this as an excuse to begin punching me. After he hit me a few times, other members of Alpha squad got involved, up to five were punching Bacara on the floor in a corner before turning their attention to me. Rhodes himself was evidently angry at the fact I had gotten the upper hand for a moment, and chased me and my squad mate down as we tried to flee the situation, now having genuine fears they were out to kill us. One of the PFCs, I believe either Johny or Tony Roby, attacked me in the head with a cleaver. I was not wearing a helmet, and he swung multiple times until I was in crit on the floor, where he continued swinging. In retaliation, after I was helped up, I shot Roby on his second approach, which naturally hardened the pee pees of every valid seeker in the area and I was shot to death.

The first thing you'll probably wonder is; why Rhodes when it was Roby who used the knife? Well, firstly I believe that he knew fully well what he was doing would cause a larger scale fight. To me it was blatant he wanted a pack of Alpha to attack me for a bit of pointless fun with an in character friend. He knew full well what he was doing was unneeded and prone to escalate. Secondly, as should be obvious, throwing punches because someone threw a harmless flask at someone else who isn't you is unneeded.

I also believe Rhodes has a tendency to this sort of 'muh valids' outlook. He is astoundingly low-RP, as showcased when in a recent round on Big Red, a marine was complaining about immense pain and asking for death. To anyone with half a brain, it was obvious this was RP. Which is 100% proven by the fact that when they were later defibbed they chose to be revived. Rhodes, however, did not care for this and simply unloaded into them. No dialogue, no semblance of RP, just shot them. I personally believe this just goes to show the player cares more for just killing other players to inflate their ego rather than actually considering if others enjoy the game.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc): None; there were around 230+ players on at the time so by the time I'd decided I would report it, the logs had gone too far for me to find them.

How you would punish the accused: A stern reminder in how situations escalate realistically, I also think I should have been ahealed, as the person who had cleaved me apparently was. However that is neither here nor there. Perhaps also suggest the player refers to the "crash course in role playing" frequently.
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Re: Improper escalation during event round.

Post by Kernir » 30 Sep 2017, 22:54

Right, I'll try to grab all of the appropriate logs... If I've missed anything you think is relevant let me know and I'll go back to find them.
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That's all I've got for now, I'll update this post if anything needs to be changed or added, I've removed the names involved at least for now for the sake of privacy.

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Re: Improper escalation during event round.

Post by Crab_Spider » 30 Sep 2017, 23:35

I was playing around with you and Wulf. I had no aspirations on killing you, just punching. The fighting occurred because Wulfe was disarming someone, and I tried to push him down. I saw Jony with a butcher's cleaver but thought nothing of it because for more obvious reasons (i.e they probably didn't have space in their inventory), so yeah I pulled you out of the smoke cloud an Engineer created the moment I realized what was going on. I had no intentions on creating a large scale fight, at all. On the note of that second instance; they were asking for this, I kept making sure if they actually wanted to die, and they begged, I also gave an apology before I shot them, on top of the fact they were infected. I did not know the context of the first, all I thought was you and Wulfe were attacking someone, so I disarmed Wulfe, and a fight breaks out. I saw Jony hit you with the cleaver, and I disarmed and pushed him before any further harm could have been done to you, I also tried HEALING YOU AND TAKING YOU INTO NEXUS WHERE THE MEDICS WOULD THEN GIVE YOU ACTUAL TREATMENT, that was until Wulfe (or someone else) shot Jony with a shotgun and an entire shootout begins.

For the second, I did not ask in LOOC, we were deep in Lambda, and it was obvious they were going to burst long before we'd make it back to LZ1. They were begging to die, even stating they were "infected", and given how me and a few others rescued them from Virology (there was a carrier and drone by the way, with the Carrier possessing 2 huggers). I was asking several times before you entered the room, and so, I used auto-aim, asked again, and when they said "yes", I shot them after a few moments of thinking. That. Is. Roleplay. Your statements are nothing more than words fueled by anger and annoyance. You know, just because someone isn't subscribing to YOUR WAY of roleplaying, doesn't make them low RP. Other than that, I was overstepping my boundaries by following you and continuing to punch you when you ran away, however, this wasn't improper escalation, this was you running away and saying absolutely nothing and me hitting you. The situation was escalated by Roby, who slashed you on the head with a cleaver while you were downed.

You saying I'm quick to end someone's round is also a bit far fetched, considering the fact you only have TWO instances of me performing actions that would indicate such, and one of them are taken out of context. So again. Explain to me, what is being reported? Me punching you as you ran? Me hitting you because you were pushing someone with another person? If the latter, I'm going to tell you this. You disarming someone as they're on the ground doesn't tell me you were playing around, it only tells me you were harassing someone and the situation needed to be interjected.
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Re: Improper escalation during event round.

Post by freemysoul » 10 Oct 2017, 13:14

After looking at the Evidence provided by the Investigator, I've have decided that none of parties will be receiving punishment as the issue was properly escalated, HOWEVER Jony Roby has been dealt with ingame. My advice when this shit happens, Ahelp it there was over 8 members of staff online at the time.

Resolved and will be left open for a day for the accusing to provide either feedback or evidence that may change the decision.