Feweh - Uncalled Adminbus

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Feweh - Uncalled Adminbus

Post by Butlerblock » 01 Oct 2017, 13:49

Your Byond Key: Butlerblock

Your Character Name: (Don't own one, most of the round was as Runner (751))

Their Byond key: Feweh

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central Us Time for best results): 12:30 CST

Which Staff Protocols (http://www.colonial-marines.com/viewtop ... =57&t=5647) were broken: Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the server (Don't heavily influence round unless for good reasoning) (Game enjoyment of players)

Description of the incident: I was the last xeno alive, of course, ancient runner. But during all of this, I was NOT intentionally holding up the round. I was actively seeking out marines anytime I had more than 75% hp, and was consistently killing them. In the middle of a fight, I saw a couple hellhounds. I thought, whatever, they're just hunting marines with them who cares. Then, in the middle of fighting a pred, roughly 6 come out and maul me to fucking death within seconds. At first I thought this would be fine, okay, just end the round already I don't care. Round didn't end, turns out there's a fucking QUEEN commanding the hellhounds, which is bullshit, because why was I killed by hellhounds if this random fuck from dchat gets to have all the fun, while I get punished for surviving and being actively robust against marines. I hear later that this was only done so Feweh could work on next rounds adminbus. So what I'm hearing from this is that Feweh killed someone who was delaying the round (not really) only to delay the round himself? What the fuck? The round ended soon after anyways, and we're now sitting for 5 hours in lobby. The round would've lasted much longer if I was kept alive, and if Feweh specifically told me to go suicide because he had something planned for next round, fuck it, I would have done it. Randomly getting me killed because of an event that lasted no time at all is unacceptable, and the fun of that round was sucked from me instantly after I died.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):Image

How you would punish the accused: It's Feweh you think he'd get anything bigger than a warning?

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Re: Feweh - Uncalled Adminbus

Post by Feweh » 01 Oct 2017, 14:18

Delaying for a map change, It was even announced.
Hellhounds weren't spawned against you.

Stop making salty reports, you're becoming incredibly annoying and self-entitled.