Report against emeraldmoonx

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Report against emeraldmoonx

Post by Urthrem » 16 Oct 2017, 00:30

Your Byond Key: Urthrem

Your Character Name: Maria 'Hound' Kozlowska

Their Byond key: Emeraldmoonx

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central Us Time for best results): 21:40 US central

Which Staff Protocols ( ... =57&t=5647) were broken: Dismissive way of handling the issue, despite having logs available responding as per qoute "You're clearly salty"

Description of the incident: Reported an issue with Military Police Tornandium Axonium for deliberate friendly fire in situation where I had no way of escaping due to marine line pushing forth with them included trying to shove me forth towards fleeing alien queen. Disarmed due to the screech I made the attempt to flee which in situation where I was being pushed towards the danger I couldn't swap places with Tornandium due to both of us having non-help intend selected. Knowing what was the situation and the fact that the queen was far away the MP still shot me/through me multiple times. Upon sending an ahelp to deal with the issue and have Tornandium dealt with I received response that I was lying and tried to make up stuff with TrialModerator Emerald clearly not reading my messages like they should have, claiming I change stuff around and I was the one to fault.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
Screenshot of the shooting
[url= ... 9.htm?dl=0] Link to the log file from the incident.

How you would punish the accused: I would prefer for Staff team to decide if possible.
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Re: Report against emeraldmoonx

Post by emeraldmoonx » 16 Oct 2017, 00:45

I'm here to give my side. First to the "description" of the incident. There's no proof that Tornandium was purposely trying to kill Eurthrem. In the logs I have, it was apparent that Tornandium was in the middle of fighting multiple xenos when the FF happened. I didn't say you "changed stuff around". You offered to recreate the situation and have us both spawn characters. I find this a poor source of evidence, as the recreation would 100% be up to Urthrem to reconstruct as they please. The evidence they posted is simply proof that the FF happened, which is definitely not up to doubt. Also, the log file is way too big... If you want to make an incident report, then you should only be giving the relevant bits...

Right, so here's why I chose to not punish Tornandium. As Urthrem says, they were both stuck and getting in each other's way due to both having help intent. Tornandium tells me that it was an accident, and he was simply attempting to shoot the queen. I have no proof otherwise than Urthrem's side and Tornandium's side.

It was pretty apparent that Urthrem is angry, and yes "salty" as they're clearly out for blood. There's no proof on either side that the FF is intentional or accidental, so I left it at that.

As proof of logs, I have the VV of Tornandium, which shows him shooting Urethrem 5 times, 2 shots of burst fire. 2 seconds before that, shows him shooting a boiler, and 2 seconds after the FF, shows him shooting a crusher. So this proves my theory that it was accidental and he was just trying to shoot, but Urthrem kept getting in the way.
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I suggested you post here, and that's fine. I have no issue defending my side. I didn't feel that he should be punished as I didn't have proof for to do so. I would feel bad if I did.

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Re: Report against emeraldmoonx

Post by Tornadium » 16 Oct 2017, 01:02

Just wanted to chime in with my version of events.

I had just finished dragging an unconscious CO away from the Dropship and towards the medbay. The hangar deck was completely locked down so I left the CO at the blast doors and turned to face the xenos pouring out from the right side doors of the dropship. There were around 9 marines within a 3x3/4x4 tileset, it was a complete clusterfuck as we attempted to stop the Queen screech + rush from the xenos.

The Queen slightly over extended and we started pushing, The marine in question kept moving further into my line of fire as I was trying to engage the Xenos that were between 2-4 tiles away from me. He moved east towards me while I was pushing north to pursue the Xenos. He had plenty of room to go around me but he kept walking towards me (He was up and moving when I was engaging the crusher), The entire situation was completely accidental and there was nothing I could do to avoid the friendly fire as you moved into my line of fire twice.

In my honest opinion Emerald handled the situation very well, got the facts and made the correct ruling.

Friendly fire happens all the time and it's just something you have to not take personally and understand that 99.9% of events like this are complete accidents, It's certainly not something to get this worked up about and I hope you understand. If you can accept that shit happens you will enjoy CM a lot more than if you get enraged at being killed.

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Re: Report against emeraldmoonx

Post by apophis775 » 16 Oct 2017, 01:24

Having examined the logs, and the PMs, and the VV as best I can, I believe that this was accidental FF.

As far as the actions taken by Emerald in his handling of the situation, I don't believe he went outside normal staff guidelines.

I'm going to resolve this with no action taken.
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