Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

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Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by jusa297 » 24 Oct 2017, 21:09

Your Byond Key: Jusa297

Your Character Name: Was playing xeno at the time. Was Elite Hunter (63)

Accused Byond Key(if known): Unknown

Character Name: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results): 09:46 GMT -3

What rule(s) were broken: Predator honor code, used plasma caster on honorable prey.

Description of the incident: I was doing hunter things at engieneering, killing humans and such when I stealth and see that a perdator was beside me. He removes his camouflage, and since we were closed to a group of humans and he looked really hurt, I said "let me help you", then he ran off as I was typing "It's in our best interest if you live", so I return to doing my hunter things. One thing I like to do is pounce around the map for extra mobilty and I pounced near the predator, and he starts attacking, I slashed while backing off, tried to pounce to stun and get away, and got body slammed. After an intense session of getting stabbed on the floor, I get up and run, the predator tried to plasma caster me but I dodged it. I run all the way back to the hive, and he was still chasing me, trying to plasmacaster me while inivisible. Then he hits me, leaves me in crit and proceeds to stab me while on the ground until I die.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc): None. At the time of writing this, the screen has already scrolled way past the combat chat (courtesy of D-chat)

How you would punish the accused: This is clearly a violation of the code, not only that, but it was also unfunny as shit, he just kept on chasing, while I was clearly trying to run, so he resorted to use the plasma caster, wich I wouldn't report if he had let me heal up and then resumed the fight. I say remove him from the list or give him a warning and a note.
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Re: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by spartanbobby » 24 Oct 2017, 21:45

jusa297 wrote:
24 Oct 2017, 21:09

I pounced near the predator, and he starts attacking,
If I remember right you didn't pounce near me you pounced right onto me, I got up attacked you with my blades you slashed me then backed off I moved closer to you so you pounced me and got body slammed you got back up and pounced me again then used the stun to run away that's when I chased you down and castered you. I also don't remember being cloaked while running after you but I don't remember many specifics of the event. What I remember pretty clearly is you doing the Xeno equivalent to hugging me at engineering 5-6 times at engineering before I left, I'll also leave this here.

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Re: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by Mook476 » 24 Oct 2017, 21:53

After reading both sides of the story nothing is wrong with what Bobby chose to do. Even if you didn't pounce on him you would still be worthy prey especially an elite hunter. Hugging a predator 5-6 times is also pretty low role play as a Xenomorph I'm not sure if they would really do that. Bobby has the freedom to plasma caster you as soon as you start running. When you run away from a predator especially in a fight or etc it's free game. I don't see any violation of the code.
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Re: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by Karmac » 24 Oct 2017, 23:06

Man I wish people would actually read the honor code now and then instead of going "yeah that's obviously a rule break".
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Re: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by shyshadow » 25 Oct 2017, 02:30

Yeah...seriously? I see little to nothing done wrong here. All of bobby's actions were understandable, he's minding his business and you just attack him? Then after fucking your alien ass up, you pussy out. If I were him, I'd done the same thing. Nothing was done wrong by bobby's side. You chose to a attack a pred, you have to face the consequences.
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Re: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by Steelpoint » 25 Oct 2017, 02:41

Actions such as 'hugging' a Predator instantly warrants you to be unworthy prey so right off the bat the Predator in question can do whatever he wants with you.

Putting those actions aside, being an Elite Hunter puts you well at the point where any Predator is going to consider you to be worthy prey. From a technical standpoint, any Xeno with the exception of Drones and Hivelords are worthy prey at all times, but you'll find most Predator players have a personal code of conduct and oft don't attack most Aliens unless they are either a Mature Aliens, have reached a Tier 3 rank, or are constantly attacking the Predator even if said Predator is trying to disengage.

A Predator has full justification to attack a worthy prey without any reason needed. You could never attack a Predator and it'll still be valid for the Predator to attack and kill you.
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Re: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by Kerek » 25 Oct 2017, 17:13

Yeah, just gonna reinforce what they said, you’re an elite hunter thats not wounded and was just killing stuff.

This makes you worthy just by not being hurt. Plus, you hugged him. That makes you actually okay to plasma cast for being overly friendly and trying to work around the predator honor code.

I would’ve hit you the moment you hugged me, and then after you pounced me, I would’ve chased you down.
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Re: Hulij-bpe Tharn-dha / Spartanbobby Pred report.

Post by Feweh » 25 Oct 2017, 18:03

Please read the Honor Code.

Youre a valid target.