Player Report - Arkter: Low RP/Griefing

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Re: Player Report - Arkter: Low RP/Griefing

Post by Heckenshutze » 09 Nov 2017, 10:07

slc97 wrote:
09 Nov 2017, 10:02
Alright, so I'm gonna throw my two cents in here. This is not a final judgment, but rather my opinion as a long-standing staff member.

Multiple times in this thread, you've admitted to extremely low RP behavior including fabrication of criminal records, running a black market out of req, and killing yourself for little to no reason.

You've also admitted to your character committing self-harm and having freakouts at people mentioning his impediment. This type of behavior would not pass a standard marine's psych eval, let alone one for a commanding officer.

I believe you need to knock off this behavior as you use it to justify low-RP action, making the behavior itself low-RP.
I'd like to say that lowpop has these types of gimmicks since it's the time we have less staff online breathing on our players neck, nevertheless, I think this statement resolves the appeal.

He guy needs to stop this BS. Remember we're medium RP, medium means we're not that hard in enforcing certain behaviour IC but for christ sake that doesn't mean we suddenly allow retards in the USCM

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Re: Player Report - Arkter: Low RP/Griefing

Post by Tharinoma » 09 Nov 2017, 12:09

I see generally low RP behavior and "ta"ing as two seperate issues.

Low RP bullshit should not be tolerated, is not tolerated, and should stop.
"ta"ing is not and never has been a good excuse for low RPing.

I don't see "ta"ing being annoying as a problem. Lots of things are annoying in life, being a little annoyed is part of the RP. However, "ta"ers are much, much, much less likely to be deployed on combat missions as commanding officers, one of the reasons being how annoying they are for everyone... You don't promote the guy that "ta"s all the time to SO. It would be dumb.

I'm fine with players "ta"ing when playing civilians or low rank roles such as squad marine, perhaps medic/engi/spec. They can get ordered to shut up, and keep their radio comms to a minimum. I think we should forbid it, and any other gimmick that is so global, visible and annoying, for SL and above roles. It just makes much more sense RPly.

The low RP behavior bought to our attention in this thread should be investigated and dealt with if it hasn't already.

Finally, lets all keep rule 2 in mind: "Do NOT post in an appeal if you are not contributing as a witness. If you are going to post as a character witness (for or against), keep it simple and easy to read."
This does sound like an issue worth consulting the community on, but limit your posts to witnessing, and if necessary your opinion on the matter. Don't argue or try to prove wrong other players here. Make another thread if you must. Thank you.
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Re: Player Report - Arkter: Low RP/Griefing

Post by taketheshot56 » 09 Nov 2017, 15:24

Ive seen this guy alot, every time it usually goes the same, he starts saying Ta after every sentence and the CO/XO will order him to cease flooding the radio with "TA!" he begins a spiel about how its a mental illness and the co/xo makes a reasonable solution, if you have to "Ta" every time you talk dont talk. Thats when Arkter has his breakdowns ICly, he has had many IC episodes when his character breaks down at being told he cannot speak, as others have pointed out this causes him to act irrational and hostile and sometimes he just runs away from his post.

"His tic does not cause any active problem for the round, doesn't needlessly limit him as a character"

This is NGGs response to his tick, if it does not cause active problems its fine, but it does. He chooses to play important roles such as CMO and other command positions and when he is ordered to stop speaking he has a mental breakdown and abandons his post. This does cause problems and quite frankly it is annoying. Its not hard, to maintain some form of radio discipline when the CO orders you too. But Arkter likes to, as others have pointed out. Flood every channel with "Ta" and has a mental episode every time someone orders him to stop talking.
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Re: Player Report - Arkter: Low RP/Griefing

Post by Rataca100 » 09 Nov 2017, 17:50

Ok, i have seen it. I have no issue with it. Doesnt seem so distracting, as far as i can say he does a all right job in the alt positions he plays to XO. Wasn't paying attention to the comms he was on though. I think he was CMO when i saw him.

As i am doing a character witness, its not correct to comment on if its RP friendly or not.

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Re: Player Report - Arkter: Low RP/Griefing

Post by JennerH » 09 Nov 2017, 23:07

I don't have an issue with it, as a witness, because he's provided good rp. As a colonist during a round, when we were getting interviewed by the CL, he came in and did his xo thing, and that was the first time I experienced the ta. We all decided to IC treat it as a contagious disease and I caught it, which made me his assistant. Now some stuff happened that got me executed, but that's irrelevant, because he managed to play his character well, and do his job. We actually won that round, AND many more rounds afterwards, which in my book makes a good commander, even if he's kinda retarded or something. It's a funny gimmick really. I just feel like he should tone it down slightly, maybe limit it to 1 ta per text, because I've seen paragraphs that have like 4 ta s in them and that's excessive
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Re: Player Report - Arkter: Low RP/Griefing

Post by Feweh » 10 Nov 2017, 14:31

Ya, you're done with this bullshit speech impediment shit.

You're free to have a minor IC speech thing, like twitching etc. But freaking out, causing problems and being low RP because people ICly take an issue with your speech bullshit?

You're basically self-creating an issue to act like an asshole and go low rp.

So anyways, you can't handle your own IC quirk and I'm tired of your LOW RP bullshit.

Overall Command Job-ban will be given.