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Post by Surrealistik » 03 Feb 2018, 02:01

Your Byond Key:


Your Character Name:

Sur 'Druglord' Lahzar

Their Byond key:

Solarmare I think

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central Us Time for best results):

12:45 am

Which Staff Protocols (viewtopic.php?f=57&t=5647) were broken:

Banned me for something that's clearly not a bannable offense.

Description of the incident:

I was banned for 3 hours for telling Delta to kill the 'fucking nigger' that point blank FFed me with buckshot while I was trying to move a sentry to safety.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):

How in the actual fuck was this singular use of the N word 'excessive IC racism' that conflicts with the following official and current rules:

At the same time, in-game characters have some "wiggle room". Occasionally being racist or being a dick to another player in-game is fine so long as it's not excessive and it doesn't result in character death (such as, refusing medical treatment leading to a death because you didn't like someone). However, yelling things like "YOU’RE A KIKE NIGGER FAG-O-TRON" will result in a ban.

Context being that the person this was directed at literally just point blanked me with buckshot hence the retard stuttering.

How you would punish the accused:

Summary removal/suspension from staff.
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Byond: MangoniaMoo

Re: Solarmare

Post by MangoniaMoo » 03 Feb 2018, 02:06

i did the FF, someone tried to disarm me and my gyro shotgun went off into you, but you were too busy raging to even read the chat. Also i'm the one who reported you for calling me that.

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Byond: Solarmare

Re: Solarmare

Post by Solarmare » 03 Feb 2018, 02:15

Overall they do have wiggle room, but it's mostly for innocuous jokes or such that aren't necessarily being overtly racist like jokes. I determine the directed use of slurs to go beyond that in general, as they're directly the person being racist or willing to use such a thing as an insult when they shouldn't. That they're willing to use it regarding someone makes them racist to me since they're directly comparing the person to the subject of that slur, and their own poor opinion of that as well. But I will say at from its face value alone, something like saying "kill that fucking nigger" should not be stated in general on this server in my opinion.

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Byond: Nicboone

Re: Solarmare

Post by Nicboone » 03 Feb 2018, 02:37

Witness to this- Im a dev, not a mod, so I will defer judgement to them. I am of the opinion what you said went beyond what was acceptable, and you were let off easy after speaking to solar about it. That kind of shit has no place here, and your use of it might be something you should consider having some shame about.
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Re: Solarmare

Post by Feweh » 03 Feb 2018, 02:42

Ban has been upgraded to 7days.

Literally anytime you get banned or something ill happens to you you run to the forums and complain. In fact, I've never met someone online who is so unable to take accountability for their actions.
Really I'm being EXTREMELY nice with what I'm saying here, because I do genuinely like you.

It's to the point where you need to man up an deal with it, because frankly I'm tired of you now and you're running out of people who want to tolerate this "little bitch" side of you.

Moving forward, you need to deal with shit.

Edit: While we're here, no one is going to take you seriously when everytime you suggested course of action against a player/staff is a PERMA BAN or REMOVAL FROM STAFF.

Pro-Tip, the reason we ask the accuser the recommended punishment is to GAUGE their common sense and logic. Which you exceedingly fail on EVERY-TIME, making your claims and reason look completely salty as fuck.

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Re: Solarmare

Post by apophis775 » 03 Feb 2018, 22:37

Having read the logs, I agree with feweh and the opinions stated here. There's a difference between a little bit of joke or flavor racism/sterotyping and yelling what you yelled. It was literally the in context of the "not allowed" example.
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