Humans Labeling Xenos

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Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by Mister Jeether » 17 Sep 2017, 19:47

Bug Description:

Humans are able to label LIVING xenos with the labeler.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Take a Labeler, put something on it.

2. Find a Xeno.

3. Label it, and his name will show in the Hivemind when speaking AND in the Hive status.
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Re: Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by Crab_Spider » 17 Sep 2017, 20:18

You will never be as bad as the baldie who picked up a tactical shotgun while a hunter was pouncing on top of a CMO for 4 seconds, with his only response being to pace around before being decap'd by said hunter. You are not Brett Kimple, and you never will be. You are not the reason why I regular MP.

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Re: Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by Bronimin » 17 Sep 2017, 20:48

Keep it, this is great

E: also labelling vendors with the fancy new GUI causes the label to show up at the top of the GUI

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Re: Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by Surrealistik » 17 Sep 2017, 23:21

Keep it. Working as intended.

Need to remember to label as many xenu as possible with 'loserface' the next time they crash the Almayer.
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Re: Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by WinterClould » 18 Sep 2017, 01:21

Keep it please.

Im going to start labeling xeno's with various rude words and such. Gonna label a Queen "Mega bitch" Or "Shoot here"
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Re: Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by Steelpoint » 18 Sep 2017, 01:22

This has been a thing for a long time, it was just until that round that it was prominatly seen.

Mostly it was done on dead xenos for laughs.
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Re: Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by Ms.Degrasse » 27 Sep 2017, 16:29

This is absolutely hilarious.

Xenomorph with a label stuck on it or marked by other means is actually realistic.
Even something found on the lore, where there are notable xenomorphs exhibiting this trait.

This showing up on the hivemind is another thing.

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Re: Humans Labeling Xenos

Post by phil235 » 27 Sep 2017, 16:50

This has already been fixed. Bug threads are not for posting opinions by the way.