WIP Yaroslav 'Yaro' Arkanov

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WIP Yaroslav 'Yaro' Arkanov

Post by Lokiki_01 » 04 Jan 2017, 07:28

Full name: Arkanov Yaroslav Alexandrovich

Nickname: None, 'Yaro'

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Rank: Private first class

Specialized training:
Basic language course
Training in tactical school
Heavy weapons course

Notable traits:
Loyal to USCM
Don't like confrontations
Has relations to USSR marine forces

Was born in the Central America in a family of Russian immigrant Alexander Arkanov and American doctor Samantha Brin. Yaroslav has older brother, George, who left US space when he was 19, and sister, Anna, now working in WY leading research on far snow planet. George loved young Yaro more than anything, teaching him to sustain himself in the school fights, and helping with almost anything. When George left his family, Yaroslav fell in deep depression, his only desire was to find old brother.
In year 2143 at the age of 22 Yaroslav contacted with his grandmother Anastasia Yeltcina, to learn, that George joined her in the elite USSR force, known as Iron Bears.

translation: Hello, my little Yarik, I remember you much smaller, when you visited me with your frightened father 17 years ago. Your brother already reunited with his family here, and we're only waiting for you with Ann, from grandma with love.

Yaroslav tried to leave Earth with Anya on illegal transport, but was caught and sent to far rocky world to pay for his deeds. In 2145 colony was attacked by Space Pirates force, there he met USCMC and Sulaco itself. He joined civilian militia to fight amongst the best of the best, and was noticed by one of the Staff Sergeants in tough breakthrough from mining caves. After two hard months of fighting Pirate forces left Beta Swan star system and Yaroslav joined USCM.

At 2146 he might met his brother George at WY refueling station, but there are no proof of that contact.

2 meters tall, slim, without any augments, brown long hair painted red, deep blue eyes and always grinning mouth.

-WY corporation
-Good manufactured guns
-Strong leaders
-Red Star vodka
-Red army songs

-M40 nades (easy to lose them)
-Jokes about russians
-3-4g combat drops after bad MREs

-Have sense of teamplay, works with his squad
-Helps other Marines, when can
-Knows his job

-After exposure to open space can't talk English freely
-Sometimes too bald and takes bad risks

Notable characters:
-Ed 'Wafflecone' Martin - Good leader, should try to keep him sober and calm.. And stay away from his tongue as far as possible.
-Boris Kamerer - Strange one, but I can be sure, that he got my ass, and I got his... But still a strange one.
-Nyxia 'Fifty' Cals - That odd Pinko, I will keep my eyes on her further.
-Osalaa Wooki - Good ol' Wooks, I will never leave that nigga behind. Ech, maybe he love vodka too?
-Zelinsky 'Wolf' - great engineer, that know his job, saved my life once, never would let him down.

'I'm totally not a Russian spy' - Yaroslav Arkanov the Colony Marshall

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