{Marine Dossier} Dortha ''Buzzkill'' Hardy

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{Marine Dossier} Dortha ''Buzzkill'' Hardy

Post by Gallus » 09 Nov 2017, 16:26

Marine Dossier Courtesy of Internal Affairs Department Dortha ''Buzzkill'' Hardy Image

Name: Dorothy Lee Hardy
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Callsing: ''Buzzkill''
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Birth System: Sol
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History in the Corps

Dorothy Lee Hardy was sighted near recruitment stations constantly till the day she signed up for the corps. She was first translated to the Quadrant Q-61A under the USS Endurance sphere of control.
Due to political and bureocratic mishaps, the USS Endurance was decomissioned, and after five planetside drops, Dortha was transfered to the USS Almayer. There, she quickly felt in home with the Marines residing in it.
In her words, ''Crayons were never this abundant.''

Stance on Weyland-Yutani

She has been reported chatting about general skepticism on the Corporation's ability to safeguard her safety, with common usage of strong worded debates with higher ups, whom end in strict punishments. The most alarmous thing that has been said by her as of today is ''If I wasn't a righteous American and knew of Wey Yu, darn, I think I'd become a commie.''


Taegan ''Mouth'' McArty: ''He's one of a kind really, can be your best friend at once instance, and a cold distant marine, only related by your squad colour in your next drop, quite a tease.''

Balto ''Crunk'' Dreg: ''He's a nice Commander, better than the other one that's for sure, but still, I shouldn't be arrested for something as simple as punching a chuCKLEFUCK WHO DARES TO CALL ME WHO-'' The Marine was apprehended.

Boris Bourbon: ''My Machete Bro, if there is a jungle to be hacked, a monkey to be decapitated or a pesky rat to cut in half, he's there with me.''

Mark ''Echo'' Kesserline: ''A good Squad Leader, will normally lead you to victory, and if you lose, he will make it feel like a victory, for good or bad.''

Commonly Used Weapons:

M37A2 Pump Shotgun: ''Bites in the CLF's ass hard and murders your shoulder even more. I normally don't even look at slugs, like, really? Might as well use blanks.''

M2132 Machete: ''My favourite thing to carry. Although I do not normally have it on me, you can bet I like to hoard and annoy half the ship when I hack a head and claim it for my head mug collection.''

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcUBI-YVRY8

O O C: I feel like this was extremely short and barely worked on, but I did spend a good hour and a half writing it, so there's that. Also, first time writing on the forums and using BBCode, I normally use the more interactive (and tidy in my opinion) HTML5 Editor. Notify me if I missed you in my relationships, I normally play xeno so I'm forgetful of Marine comrades.

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Re: {Marine Dossier} Dortha ''Buzzkill'' Hardy

Post by Enceri » 09 Nov 2017, 16:37

small but to the point dossier, i like it. the text is a little hard to read, but that is a slight thing.

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Re: {Marine Dossier} Dortha ''Buzzkill'' Hardy

Post by oprayx73 » 26 Dec 2017, 00:39

:o im actually in this one
Cut them xenos up with yer machete! :D

Muhrene Name : Boris Bourbon
Synthetic Name : Abraham
Predator Name : Cuthun Dak'te


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