USMC Dossier- Cooper, Gannon

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USMC Dossier- Cooper, Gannon

Post by bluckett12 » 12 Dec 2017, 05:27

>Age: 28_Orphan/No known next of kin
Born: 2128/04/12 _Origin: Rim Colonies_Parents:Unkown<br/>
Enlistment Duration(Y:M:D): 10:11:26
Remaining: 01:01:05
Active Operations Completed: 57
Longest Operation Duration: 97 Days
Injury Report:
Date: 2146/06/12- Double hand Amputation, machete.
Date: 2154/11/19- Right Arm Amputation, Xenomorph.
Date: 2154/06/12- Right Jaw Amputation, Incinerator Failure.
Date: 2154/06/12- Facial Burn, Incinerator Failure.
Date: 2141/07/07- Broken Pelvic Bone, 2X Broken Femur, DS Landing.
Psychological Evaluation: PFC Cooper is notably unshaken by his trauma. Claims “I’ve seen Marines ripped in half right in front of me, and there’s no fixing that. So I’ll be just fine.” Additionally, PFC Cooper shows a particular distrust of WY motives, yet doesn’t have actions to suggest any further inquiry is necessary.
Final notes, PFC Cooper is up for reenlistment in a month, suggest promotion to Lance Corporal on grounds of asset waste reduction.

Names Gannon Cooper,
Been a PFC in Charlie for a long time, always a place for a professional I guess.
If you see me smoking, tell me to quit. That craps bad for me.

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