Personnel File: LCpl Daniel Blake

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Personnel File: LCpl Daniel Blake

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Acess Granted, Welcome Commander.

Personnel File
: Blake, Daniel

General Information

First name: Daniel
Last name: Blake
Middle initial: E
Place of Birth: Layton, Utah, USA, Earth
Date of Birth: 2162
Age: 22
Height: 5 foot, 9 inches
Weight: 185 NA lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue

Military Information

Department: Department of the Navy
Branch: United States Colonial Marines Corps (USCM)
Rank/Rate: Lance Corporal (LCpl)
Pay Grade: E-3
Position: Smartgunner, no Command title
Post/Station: USS Almayer

Enlisted History

08/12/2184: Enlisted in the United States Colonial Marine Corps (USCM)
01/15/2185: Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private First Class
02/12/2185: Graduated School of Infantry (SOI) from Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) class 21106, Promoted to Lance Corporal
03/01/2185: Assigned to Delta Squad, 1st Marine Hyper Expeditionary Unit, USS Almayer

Awards and Commendations

National Service Defence Medal: Completing the required basic training
Marine Expeditionary Medal: For rapid deployment in times of crisis or training
Marine Good Conduct Medal: For serving 3 consecutive years without incident
Combat Action award: For sustained combat in a field of battle
Marksman Badge (Expert): For landed target hits of 26/30 during M4 Rifle qualification
USMC OEF Combat Vet
0331 Machine Gunner


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