USCM Dossier: Kaiden "Saint" Campbell

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USCM Dossier: Kaiden "Saint" Campbell

Post by Zexil » 10 Jan 2018, 18:58

Byond Key: Tsunat

Full name:Kaiden Campbell


Birth date: February 18th.

Nickname(s):Saint, Rookie, weirdo.


Blood Type:O+

Home system:Sol

Likes:Sake, snow, video games, Italian food, books.

Dislike: Friendly fire, Weyland Yutani.

Roles:PFC, Squad leader, Staff officer, engineer.

Corporate Relation:Skeptical

Preferred squad:Delta

Current location:USS Almayer.

Personality:Few know the true Kaiden Campbell, but two things you'll never forget are that he's charismatic and persuasive. Of course he's also companionably, cheerful , loyal and passionate. Nobody's perfect of course and Kaiden has less pleasant traits too. His possessive nature and childish nature pose plenty of problems, though more on a personal level than for others.

Appearance: Image Image

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