Repair barricade line during siege

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Repair barricade line during siege

Post by HKO20006 » 11 Dec 2017, 08:07

A recent SD siege shows an innovative way to keep the cade line intact longer: 2 layers of cades, one plasteel at the back and one cade line in front. If the first line is breached, open plasteel to put cades back. Also, keep repairing with blowtorch.
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The video

Kudos to Delta Engineer Pyotr Nadtochiy and the one who brought 3 sentries to SD.
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Re: Repair barricade line during siege

Post by misto » 11 Dec 2017, 08:19

it was indeed great work, but sd is the perfect chokepoint, so the tactic may have difficulty being applied to other situations.

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