Maint Tech Guide, or how I came to love having access to anywhere I want.

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Maint Tech Guide, or how I came to love having access to anywhere I want.

Post by MacBlaze » 07 Feb 2018, 15:32

This is my first guide so I hope its not shit.
Maint tech is an incredibly fun job in which you open doors for people and make sure power doesn't go out. Though often people don't know how to play it to its strengths. Your not as powerful as the CE, with legitimate command access, and you dont have the authority or the access to powerful areas. What makes you powerful is your materials and tools. Maint techs means that you literally can do anything and get anywhere with proper supplies or tools. Marines are cannon fodder, while the MT is slightly less cannon fodder, you are powerful. You make your own fun. Or at rare times others invite you for theirs.

Early to mid Round

First off, when you wake up make sure you webbing, hard hat, welding helmet, and steal an industrial welder from the welding closet. Industrial welders are better and have more fuel. Get an industrial Satchel. Also take a construction pouch, it can store materials that will take up too much precious space in your industrial satchel. Go to upper engineering and grab all the metal and glass. Put as much of it as you can in the autolathe. This will be a huge benefit to other engineers. If you're feeling nice, you could go fill other departments auto lathes too. If you're feeling extra nice, give some stuff to ground engineers. As a maint tech, you kind of need to make your own fun.. For example, spread word that you are willing to be a dirty jewish MT who hacks doors for bribes. Or help the MPs get into a place where they don't have access! Ask people if they want anything from autolathes, or if they need help. The PO's will LOVE to have you as the guy who reloads their ship's weapons. Your also the janitor, so get to cleaning up those messes and trash. Get the MPs on your side and when a baldie starts talking trash to you, sick them on his ass for Disrespect and Insubordination, hopefully he runs so they add resisting arrest. Pray that they don't think it's false, even though its rare if your competent and know how to make it stick. You also are the guy everyone goes to if they want something hacked, like the RO asking for nonstandard equipment, like a custom shotgun which has god damn burst fire! If the flamethrowers ask for welding fuel, send them some tanks and ask for them back. They might remember, possibly not leaving you out of valuable fuel tanks. Leave the giant carts full of fuel to the ship and its defense.

Late Round

Late round is where the real fun happens, where you actually play a pretty vital role. Stick Together with your fellow engies Get as much metal as you can from deconstructing tables and chairs all around engineering and the ship. You will be laden in metal. I remember actually having over 100+ metal from just engineering alone. Ask the RO for Plasteel incase you gave some to engineers. Go where your CE or command staff tells you to, bring goodies. If your feeling really robust and ballsy, you can try and restore power to the whole ship or fix telecomms. Most importantly, do not be alone. Engineering is isolated and a good hunting spot for xenos who are on board or who have snuck on. Make sure your with someone if a Beno escapes, especially if its a warrior class or a ranged class. Go around welding vents if you know about xenos going through, make sure you have someone covering you. Fix lights with them also. Runners and hunters are very dangerous due to their ability to hide and go super sanic fast to completely outrun its hunters, pun intended. Best course of action is to yell at CE for the CE to yell at CO to open up armory and then shoot open the lockers with shotguns. Shotguns are the mortal enemy of the warrior class. When you find weeds, either wait for him to come back and set traps, or camp it like a pro with friendles. Usually they don't have a drone with them to plant weeds, so every shot makes him closer to death with no chance of recovery. Never split up, like MPs might, or you will lose all MPs to sneak attacks and angles of fire. It took MTs to kill this thing. They only found the MPs bodies after they killed it, stored in the back of a maint tunnel so isolated they would of never been found. If your a good MP and your team still has flamethrowers left for available, bring a welding fuel tank for them to the holdout place. Build sentry guns. If you have enough materials then you can build autism forts that badmins will have to get involved to make the xenos win. When defending CIC Make sure you build barricades on the walls next to missile control rooms and facing the CIC doors. Build multiple layers that have covering angles of fire. Make them pay for even daring to break a barricade and move in. Sometimes, but rarely you have a chance to place a new barricade to cover the broken one. Don't count on it though. When defending SD build comrade sentry and make the glorious sentry nation proud. Barricades layered. Give earmuffs to someone with a big boom boom gun if the CE was foolish enough not to pick them up. Queens cant roar you down with them. If all else fails, then you die and you can't do anything about it. Your not a fighter, you're a support role, act like it and die with dignity. Dont give those liggers any babies from your lifeless corpse.
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Re: Maint Tech Guide, or how I came to love having access to anywhere I want.

Post by Bronimin » 07 Feb 2018, 16:01

PSA on door wires:
Door wires are randomised each round and the dropships have different wires from the rest of the Almayer IIRC. Colony has the same wires as shipside. Pulse wires to produce a temporary effect (approx 30 seconds), cut wires to produce a permanent effect; cut and mend a wire after pulsing it if you want to turn that function back on faster (say, you accidentally pulse the power wire and you need power to raise the bolts). Attach a signaller to remotely pulse the wire.
On doors you have a few useful wires:
- Primary and back up power (back up power kicks in after 10 seconds if the primary power is disabled)
- Door Bolts

And a few useless (or situational) wires:
- Check Wiring
- Door Bolts Lights
- Timer Safety
- AI Control (without an AI this does nothing)
- Electrification
- Some others that I forgot

Disabling the power lets you crowbar open anything;
Electrification deals stun and damage proportional to how much juice the door is receiving;
Electrified doors will not shock if the primary and secondary power is offline;
Door Bolts stop runner caste from opening airlocks, good for the Alamo rear door if you stick a signaller in it and give the remote to the pilot;
You cannot raise door bolts if power is offline, but you can drop them.
Timer safety mashes you if you linger on the threshold, deals a chunk of brute. Potentially you could use this to mash xenos with.

For dropships, an MT at roundstart is a godsend because they move at running pace with the powerloader while the PO is forced to CRAWL along the hanger deck. If MPs actually ever forced POs to store missiles properly or get brigged for neglect of duty (like they should) then they would be useful reloading, too.

PSA on air alarms:
You can open the interface with your ID;
You can then turn on and off the scrubbers and vents in the area, and control what gasses are scrubbed;
You can also control the thermostat (it is very slow);
And you can activate the panic siphon and turn the scrubbers on replace air (which will get you banned, don't do it);
The panic siphon button is broken and won't deactivate if you do press it (god help you), go into scrubbers control and manually switch the scrubbers off, in this case, it is the only solution.

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Re: Maint Tech Guide, or how I came to love having access to anywhere I want.

Post by Sargeantmuffinman » 07 Feb 2018, 16:21

I think I'd like to do if I ever have the time is to hack the autolathe so I can make industrial blowtorches for engineers.
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Re: Maint Tech Guide, or how I came to love having access to anywhere I want.

Post by Redrover1760 » 16 Mar 2018, 16:13

Also, make sure the engine doesn't run out of power.

Also, we don't defend bridge anymore, we defend Self-Destruct.

Also, and before you ask, I was the first one.

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