A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by completelynewguy » 11 Jun 2016, 06:49

Rey wrote:Syringe cases are greatly underappreciated, you can stuff almost anything in them and then use the hand labeler in medbay for quick access.
So you could use 2 spaces in the medic bag to have 6 more quicklots/bicardine/tricord injectors, etc.

It is also a good idea to grab 2 dylovene/kelotane pill bottles and just move 7 of the pills into the other, because by default there are only 7 in there but it can contain up to 14.
Oh right; with an empty aid kit, you could get 21 autoinjectors. Meaning with Tekno's strategy of getting a NRA medkit/basic aid kit stuffed with ammo, you could be ready for just about anything.

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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by TeknoKot » 21 Jun 2016, 14:43

So, after a long time of looking at the best medical loadouts, I always went with this:

Two advanced kits.

Two emptied out first aid kits, filled with ammo.


Two stasis bags. Now notice, these all go to your backpack.

For combat lifesaver belt, empty out gauzes, ointments, 2x kelotane injectors, 2x dylovene injectors, oxycodone injector. Now, replace them with pill bottles of kelotane, inaprovaline, dylovene, antibiotics, tramadol, keep Russian Red as SM sometimes can land into planet too, then add in four quick clots for empty space to fill. Notice, if you get pill bottles of bicaridine, dex plus, peridaxon, imidazoline, you can always empty out other injectors for space, pills are superior.

Put a health analyzer and hypospray in armour and you're golden.

Now, combat equipment? Get an M41A rifle, harness, webbing and grip. Put mags into your pockets and webbing. Every time you are out of mags, get out your first aid kits for it, stored 7 mags, empty it out to your webbing and pockets, keep the kit for further use.

That's pretty much it. Katya the combat medic always approves anyone using this loadout.
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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by Undeademon » 01 Jan 2017, 23:32

Oi, one thing that isn't covered, is Combat Medic's knowledge of surgery.

On the wiki of course, it still says ...
Combat Medic: You don't know how to perform a surgical operation. Improvised or not, you have no knowledge of surgery as you are a combat medic and not a field surgeon. Surgery is handled only by the trained Sulaco doctors.
If this has changed or not, it should be reiterated, not left to interpretation if it is or is not permitted.

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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by nerocavalier » 02 Jan 2017, 00:33

Medics aren't allowed to do surgery.
Troublesome, as usual.

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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by Joe4444 » 02 Jan 2017, 07:53

nerocavalier wrote:Medics aren't allowed to do surgery.
yet....we were going to have medics know basic surgery but that got replaced with splinting everywhere on the body.it might be added later,who knows.

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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by Jesstreeter » 10 Jan 2017, 13:33

Medics should never attempt to do surgery, simple as that. What I meant by the "Surgery is required" labels is that only doctors can fix it on a permanent basis.

Furthermore, this guide hasn't been updated in over six months and severely needs to be revised and rewritten, although I'm not even sure I'm qualified to do this anymore.

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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by Swagile » 24 Jan 2017, 23:51

Due to the new fire update, replace the hypo in your backpack with a fire extinguisher. Fire currently is even worse than AP due to its consistent fire damage that happens RAPIDLY, so if you don't put them down almost IMMEDIATELY, then they are going into crit from just fire alone.

That adjustment to the OP's loadout has saved more people than anything I could have stuffed into that hypo in my backpack.

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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by Kavrick » 30 Mar 2017, 11:52

Not a a fan of this heavy trico and brute kit abuse. Trico is incredibly slow and terrible in the heat of battle, using brute kits for everything will cause you to run out at the worst time, bandage what is low damaged and reserve brute kits for high damage areas. Also should note that peri overdoses at 10, not 15 like a lot of drugs, and you should only ever have to give 5. Also hypospray isnt in medic vendor, its in doctor vendor, you have to request it, same goes for peri

Here are some extra tips that are extremely useful

Peri overdoses at 10, more than 5 still gives toxin damage and you wont ever need more than 5

If a marine is taking oxygen damage without low blood, it means he has organ damage, peri fixes this

On the note of organ damage, if there is oxygen damage like mentioned before and there are broken bones, this means the chest is broken, splint to prevent more organ damage

Splinting head also prevents brain damage if its broken

Grabbing someone with grab intent will prevent wounds opening when dragging

Roller beds allow you to move injured quickly without the chance of wounds opening

You can also throw wounded to safety, this wont damage if they don't hit a wall but i consider this bad rp

Dyvo counters anesthetics

Sleeper can do something called "dialysis" which removes all chemicals from someone's bloodstream, this fills up a beaker that can be removed and emptied. This meathod is for removing harmful substances and to stop overdoses

Drag away fellow marines and then remove their facehuggers to prevent infection ASAP, immediately treat head damage this causes because doing this twice without treating will cause skull break.

Flasks can be filled with healing chemicals and then stored in helmet

Hyposprays can be refilled with bottles, as soon as you get your hypospray you can empty it into yourself and fill it with something different

Syringes can be instantly injected by harm intenting someone, although this breaks the needle and will waste 5 units

THE ULTIMATE TIP FOR NEWBIES: non container medical items, such as bottles, auto injectors, needles, defibs and hyposprays can be instantly refilled by restocking them into the vendor and then vended again, to restock, you drag the item onto the vendor, doing so will INSTANTLY RECHARGE DEFIBS
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Re: A comprehensive guide to the Squad Medic

Post by El Defaultio » 08 Sep 2017, 19:22

Currently outdated + defunct, replacing any mention of it on the wiki with either a more up to date guide or the Medic page.
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