The Guardian Caste Guide

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The Guardian Caste Guide

Post by DeadLantern » 20 Aug 2016, 15:34

So, you chose the guardian caste as your evolution, small larva! Let's do a guide so you don't get boned!
Chapter One: Sentinel.
As sentinel, your only purpose is to guard the hive. This very meaning can vary throughout the round, so let's establish some scenarios.
1. Early Game.
So, you have evolved into a mighty fine sentinel! Your first goal is to get some Jelly from your queen. Do it quick! After that, you should find any monkeys near you in the caves. DONOTCROSS THE RIVER UNLESS SOMEONE NEEDS YOUT O MELT SOMETHING. There might be scary things, such as random Tall Hosts, or your next door neighbors, the predator! You are not needed for capturing monkeys right now!
Now it's been 2 minutes into the game and you are bored. You should wander around the caves, looking for monkeys, or helping someone to melt something. Or maybe a Runner caught a tall host! Guard that tall host! Wait until your jelly fills up, then you can do some more things!
2. Middle Game.
So, you waited to long to evolve or you have just evolved. Do not hesitate to upgrade! Upgraded sentinels are considered weak but they still have their attributes, guarding! If you make it to ancient, you will be the BEST guarder in the whole hive, except for queen. Some scary new Tall Hosts may have come down to your hive and it is likely your fellow sisters have caught some tall hosts! Tall hosts are very rowdy and will try to escape, always guard them! You should not be attacking at all! Guard gaurd gaurd! If a scary Predator comes to your hive however, they are likely hunting the hive! If you are Elite or below, you do not have the best chances. Try to stun the predator and slash him. If he is very near the hive though, they're likely some eggs! What you can do is stun the predator and drag him to the nest, so that millions of tiny babies will latch on to him! If you are ancient, spam your spit! Slash him, drag him to the eggs, just keep him away from the hive! This goes the same with the Tall hosts, but they are much easier to infect or kill. However, they might be in groups. Try to spam spit all of them and dodge their metal bullets. Keep on guarding! You can also pass the time by role playing with your hosts by using the me command! Taunt them, dance to them, do something! It can be very fun.
3. Late game - Winning.
Ah, so you bested the Tall Hosts and you are planning to go to their hive! If you still have hosts that need to burst, ask the queen what to do. Normally the best thing to do is to kill them, especially if you have tons of sisters. Just ask the queen before doing this! After they have died by bursting or your claws, make it to the bird or egg.
So now you are on the Sulaco, great! Kill everything! Sadly young/mature sentinels are not needed here, because it is an absolute kill fest and you are made for guarding. If they manage to capture a host and infect him, gaurd him as always. If you are ancient, you can be very powerful. If they're is a giant group of tall hosts defending you and your sisters, you can harass them very easily by spamming spit and stunning them. This leaves them vulnerable!
3. Late game - Losing.
Ah, so the Tall hosts managed to best you and you are on the run. Tall hosts are looking for you. First things first - Guard the queen at all times! If you are ancient, spam spit tall hosts who are running after you! If there is no queen, defend a drone! If there is no drone, defend a larva! If they're no babies, find a Hugger! If they're no huggers and you looked across the whole map, you are screwed. Defend the nearest sister, then. If you are the last sister, go out in a blaze of glory. But if you have managed to infect a host, GAURD IT! THAT COULD BE THE ROUND CHANGER!
Chapter Two: Spitter.
Ah, the Spitter.
Early Game.
There is no Early game, by the time you have evolved, it is already very close to the middle game or is the middle game. Middle Game.
You are essentially a better sentinel at everything. Better guarding, better offense, better everything. Probably the best offensive guardian Alien. So, right now, Tall Hosts have landed and are searching around. Your sisters (or you) may have captured some hosts. If no one is guarding the hosts, you have to gaurd them. Make sure to yell at a sentinel if there is one, too. However, your offensive capabilities are very good as well. Even as a Mature Spitter or even a Young one you can cause havoc. If you are winning the battle against the hosts and pushing them back, keep on pushin them. You can use stunning neurotoxin or deadly spit, but usually stunning works the best as you can infect them. As you upgrade, you can spam more easily. Keep on spamming. However, if they are pushing you to your hive, do not afraid to be using deadly toxin! You can make use of your range very easily! Just keep on pushing them back! Also, it is your choice if you want to defend or attack. Choose wisely on who needs more help, not which one you can do best at. See Sentinel's guide if you are gaurding.
Late Game - Winning.
You are now maybe Ancient. You are a killer. Your slashes can decap in 5 hits and you can spam deadly spit to dispatch a foe easily. If the hosts have not escaped yet, you can flank them and decimate them or at least cause havoc and fear. This is very good when you have 4 high level spitters or more, you can attack from all sides if they are holed up. If you are now on the Sulaco, it is very tight and very easy to kill. Your range is the best thing here, do not let other sisters get in your way. Exercise extreme caution with every host, even if it is unarmed. Spit many times at them and slash their heads. Use the vents to do run and gun hits on people.
Late Game - Losing.
See Sentinel's guide on the Late Game - Losing. Do not attack.
Chapter Three: Praetorian.
Now we're getting on to the big beasties.
Early Game - There is no early game.
Middle Game.
Unlike the Spitter, you are not the greatest sister at offense. Your slower speed makes you much more suited for pushing Hosts out and defending the hive. However, if you are winning the battle, of course defending the hive is not very good. First, check your captured hosts. If they are being guarded, move away. If you have nothing to do, just defend the queen. Defend anything. Defend Everything. There isn't much more to say about in the middle game.
Late Game - Winning.
There still isn't many things for you to do. Gaurd the queen, if anything. If you are heading to the great sky hive, you become useful! Switch to toxic spit, it will do much more damage then the spitter's spit. By now you are either Elite or Mature and capable of spamming. Do so. Be supporting now, like a machine gunner. Stay put and stay firing at the hosts at a mostly safe location.
Late Game - Losing.
You are especially good at defending the queen now. Please do so. Only gaurd hosts if you need to, otherwise, defend the queen or the next queen. Refer to the last late game losing paragraphs if you want more tactics. Unfortunately you are quite slow, and an ambush may kill you. Stay wary.
Chapter Four: Boiler.
Early Game - There is no Early Game.
Middle game - ABSOLUTLY Haram.
You are a fucking beast, both definitions. Here are some tactics. USE LONG RANGED SIGHT. I see too many boilers not using long ranged sight and limiting their capability. Why? Because you can fire all the way you can see, meaning if you turn on long ranged sight, your range of your bombardments increases significantly. Do not attack, always stay behind. You can move with the hive, just stay back and continue to push them out with your bombardments. You can cause havoc and destroy everything. Make sure to use both Deadly Gas and Stunning Gas. Use deadly when attacking a heavily fortified position. However, if the Hosts are pushing you back into the hive and it's very close quarters, always use deadly gas and use it with caution. You can get easily ambushed but you can drive out hosts like it's your birthright (it is). NEVER GAURD HOSTS AT ALL COSTS. I can not stress this enough. You are big and slow and have desirable health. You will get wrecked if you try to defend hosts. You lose the ability to spit and replace it with a dangerous acid sneeze. Use this when cornered but when gaurding hosts, that's the only thing you can do. If you try to gaurd hosts, something is going to end up dead, whether it be an infected host are you. Yell at another guardian sister to gaurd the hosts.
Late Game - Winning
You are a WMD. Use the tactics in the last paragraph when on the ground, but when attacking the sky hive, hohoohohoh you are going to mass murderbone anything and everything. The only thing the Tall hosts can do is barricade themselves and guess what - it's your job to deal with that. Continually bombard their fortress with deadly neurotoxin. This will either cause Havoc, retreating, or death, all good signs of a winning war. It's incredibly simple to pull of and incredibly hard to counter. Remember when I said to use a Praetorian as a machine gun? You are the artillery. With these two tactics combined you can mass genocide these filthy hosts. And if you have two boilers, that's double the damage. Do it. Kill them all.
Late Game - Losing.
When you are losing as Aliens you are running. Boilers can not run. You will die. The least you can do is kamikazi into the Tall Hosts because when you die you release deadly toxin.
Well, that just concludes my guide! I hope it is helpful!
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Re: The Guardian Caste Guide

Post by Logi99 » 20 Aug 2016, 15:56

I nearly had a heart attack. I thought there was a new caste I did not hear about D:. I read this all. Amazing on how much time you spent on this. I can see a lot of help. Now I might be a little unhesitant to become Sentinel.
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Re: The Guardian Caste Guide

Post by BobaFett07 » 16 Oct 2017, 15:31

sorry but I have to correct this, it is guarding, not gaurding

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Re: The Guardian Caste Guide

Post by Butlerblock » 16 Oct 2017, 16:33

Isn't really a guide, just teaching me how to generally play xeno. There's nothing new on this guide other than what the basic wiki has on spitter castes. I'd suggest maybe adding tips or tricks on how to get an advantage as a spitter caste, or teach something new to most people that don't play spitter caste. I almost never play any of the spitter castes and I didn't get any new knowledge from reading this guide, and all I know how to do is walk and spit.
Wait this is just a year old bump for a useless correction. Why?

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Re: The Guardian Caste Guide

Post by DadLantern » 19 Oct 2017, 08:25

Butlerblock wrote:
16 Oct 2017, 16:33
Isn't really a guide, just teaching me how to generally play xeno. There's nothing new on this guide other than what the basic wiki has on spitter castes. I'd suggest maybe adding tips or tricks on how to get an advantage as a spitter caste, or teach something new to most people that don't play spitter caste. I almost never play any of the spitter castes and I didn't get any new knowledge from reading this guide, and all I know how to do is walk and spit.
Wait this is just a year old bump for a useless correction. Why?
I don't know. And it's more of a RP guide.

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