Timeline of the lore between different maps

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Timeline of the lore between different maps

Post by terzho » 21 Apr 2017, 02:29

Has it been established what the timeline of the different missions between LV-624, Ice Colony, Whiskey Outpost and Big Red is?

I was having a think about it and was wondering if the missions on each map occur one after the other and if it's the same platoon of marines carrying out the missions on the different maps. This would allow us different levels of roleplay, such as not knowing anything about the xeno initially on LV-624 but knowing about them in the later maps. Just a thought.

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Re: Timeline of the lore between different maps

Post by Steelpoint » 21 Apr 2017, 02:35

Right now, LV-624 and Ice Colony seem to be identical in lore position. The sole argument I can think is that each map is an alternative reality of which planet the Sulaco was sent to.

Whiskey Outpost seems to take place in a more future period where the Marines know about the existence of Xenomorphs. This is implied in my head for several reasons, firstly the Marines and the incoming Marine reinforcements are fully aware of the existence of the Xenos, secondly more powerful marine weapons are more commonplace such as the M4RA Battle Rifle and the M41AE2 Pulse Rifle, both of those being very rare weapon on LV/Ice due to them likely still being tested prior to full deployment.

Don't know anything about Big Red so I can't comment.
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