To the victims of the fallen CM server and their paths

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To the victims of the fallen CM server and their paths

Post by Shyguychizzy » 19 May 2017, 12:46

Oh our poor serverless marines, what will become of them? Poor poor serverless xenos, what will become of them? Marines heading off to other servers or stopping, demanding for attachments or rioting; all trying to find AP, little realizing there's no FF. Xenos wandering aimlessly, realizing they are just only good for one time use on other servers, being only one time event thing and realizing at times they aren't xenos but interns.
"It has been told many serverless marines and xenos went their own separate paths, its unknown what journey they decided but the story and life of Balto''Crunk"Dreg went back to his old roots and became a bartender and continued to do so though Balto kept hesitating looking behind the door armed with his shotgun at all times. Watch the crooks and nannies of the bar, for those xenomorphs, looks funny at lizard people time to time and has been brigged for mistaking em for xenomorphs. This is the path and tale on my end."

(No this aint for real could be but nah)

(Insert how yer character separated or departed can be goofy or serious made it in acidic group, try to keep it a minimum shitlery yah?)
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Steven Sneider
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Re: To the victims of the fallen CM server

Post by Steven Sneider » 19 May 2017, 12:52

Pressing F for them souls.
I was not on it but when the cries reached mchat I couldn't believe it.

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Re: To the victims of the fallen CM server

Post by MrMafioso » 19 May 2017, 12:53

Oh poor serverless Malcolm Holmes, having to make his way back to the filth of the servers that he belongs to else where, as his main dose of salt was taken away from him. The poor marine tried going back to his routes of BEST RP but then realised that it no longer existed because it sucked, so he went to find International FF13 and that was also gone. So he cried, he's tried Yogs and Citadel, they were alright but he still wished for more AP BURST FIRE rounds hitting the head of his friendlies. He then realised that he didn't care as something on MTA was opening today and so he went onto that.
Malcolm Holmes

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Re: To the victims of the fallen CM server

Post by Mister Jeether » 19 May 2017, 12:53

F for Bill Carson

He has gone back to being a captain... fighting the Syndicate once again, always looking at his room, straight at his uniform, where he will cause mutiny's now?
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Re: To the victims of the fallen CM server

Post by Jory13 » 19 May 2017, 12:55

Some say poor Drone (131) was abandoned until she found a new home on-board the station as a maid, working for [LEGAL] wages. Polishing everything in sight.

Lenny Flickinger and a band of other lost marines raided the SEV Torch for their Bluespace drive and [TOTALLY NOT OP THAT WERE REMOVED BECAUSE OF HOW OP THEY WERE, WHY DID THEY HAVE THEM IN THE ARMORY IN THE FIRST PLACE] round-start pulse rifles, mistaking them for M41A rifles.

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Re: To the victims of the fallen CM server and their paths

Post by Sargeantmuffinman » 19 May 2017, 13:15

George S.Patton once said:No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

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